Chem 1810 and Chem 1411 Lab

<p>Is Chem 1810 and Chem 1411 combo allowed?</p>

<p>I'm apprehensive about taking chem 1810, so I was thinking I would take 1411 with it instead of 1811.</p>

<p>No it is not. The following is straight from the UVa Department of Chemistry frequently asked questions section on their website:</p>

<p>“Can I sign up for Chem 1810 lecture and 1411 lab? It will fit into my schedule so much better that way.</p>

<p>No. The 1800 - 2800 series covers the same content as the 1400 - 2400s, and so do the labs, but the order in which the various topics are covered is very different.”</p>

<p>i seee.</p>