Chem 1810 or 1410 for pre-med?

<p>D has a super strong hs chem background (5 on AP test; her teacher is one of the writers of the AP exam) and has signed up for 1810. It looks as though she now has a scheduling conflict with her sport. She's pre-med and wants the best prep for orgo (which she wants to take as a second year) and the MCAT which she plans to take her junior year or the summer that follows. Should she be concerned if she has to drop down to 1410? To those who are familiar with the two and are pre-med would you recommend she find some way to take 1810 (i.e. Is 1810 that much better in preparing for orgo/MCAT?)</p>

<p>Does any of this help
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<p>Hazelorb...Yes, she looked through UVA's course descriptions via the web. The course descriptions basically said 1810 was more or less a more in depth, advanced form of 1410 for those who've had strong hs backgrounds. What she was hoping to find, however, was commentary debating the merits of both courses in preparation for the MCAT/med school.</p>

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<p>Only take CHEM 1810 if you're a Chem major and you REALLY REALLY like chemistry.</p>

<p>Chem 141 should be enough for med schools even in terms of science knowledge.</p>

<p>I have a couple relatives who play college football/baseball. They say people greatly underestimate the time taken up by sports, and coaches aren't particularly understanding if you want to spend more time studying rather than practicing.</p>

<p>While 1810 will help for organic, it's not going to help a lot and may not be worth the additional time investment. Also, unless your D is going to major in chem, she really doesn't have to take orgo until her third year. I think she ought to call prehealth advising for their input as well.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for the advice!</p>

<p>I've been wondering this EXACT SAME QUESTION forever.</p>

<p>I'm signed up for chem 1810 currently. But I had a tough time in ap chem as a junior and ended up only getting a 4 on the exam.</p>

<p>I'm intensively reviewing chem this summer, but I'm srsly worried I might fall behind in 1810, and 1811 also. I heard the lab is difficult, so.</p>

<p>My logic for signing up for chem 1810 was: if someone had similar stats as me for med school or other scholarships, I might get an extra "edge" in having taking chem 1810.
Am I....crazy? or does my reasoning have some basis?</p>

<p>Could someone who's taken chem 1810 please explain exactly what level of chemistry goes on in there?</p>

<p>TT_TT sincerely, desperate and confused first-year</p>

<p>Lacking AP credit, taking 1410 vs 1810 will make little difference to med schools -- it is extremely unlikely that taking 1810 will be the deciding factor in getting you an interview.</p>

<p>If you have AP credit,however, then many med schools will want you to take upper level chem courses. Again, contact prehealth advising -- they can give you guidance. It wouldn't hurt to give the Chem dept a call as well -- prehealth may not know the specifics about 1410 vs 1810 regarding course content, but Chem sure does.</p>

<p>An A or B in 141 is way better than a B or C in 181, if you're pre-med. You have so much more chem/bio in front of you that getting a GOOD SOLID chem background is crucial. You don't want to have to be playing catchup. And, if you're a chem whiz, 141 will be a great, solid review and you'll do well.</p>

<p>You have 4 years to stress yourself out. Your first semester of chem is not going to make or break you in med school. A C in that class may though. Be true to yourself and go with what's comfortable. Take some upper-levels over the summer if you're worried.</p>