Chemistry Advice for Sophomore


I am currently a high school freshman, taking 9th grade biology (It’s mandatory for every freshman) and am planning to take Chemistry next year as a sophomore, which is also required.

To prepare myself, I plan to study and preview Chemistry topics this year and the coming summer. Any advice, tips, or things I should know or note? (Things you picked up along the way, concepts that were difficult, etc.)

Anything helps, really! Thank you!

I’m currently taking chemistry and what I have found is that it is different from biology. It is way more math and bio is memorization. My tip is to make sure you have a good foundation in math, preferably co-requisite of Algebra 2/Trig. Having a basic foundation of measurements and units is helpful too, as well as working with others in labs. One concept you may want to review before the course is the mole (6.022x10^23) as well as molar masses of compounds and elements and how to use them. This is sometimes a difficult concept to grasp and it is the basis for most of what you will do in chemistry. **This is all in context to my school which may be completely different than yours


Thank you so much, will keep in mind!