Chill Techo colleges

Hi, I’m an international student who is in search for colleges, and here are my priorites (the first is the most important and the third is the least):

  1. I am looking for ones that has good academic but also quite laid-back. I think it is quite important to balance beetween school and social life.

  2. If it’s possible, I’d love to have some tech-school options, or somewhere near tech schools since I will have projects that relate to technology.

  3. Lastly, it’d be perfect if I can study in the South of West Coast. From my reseach, West Coast is known for its environment, innovation and health-care, which I’m deeply interested in. Plus, I also love the warm nice weather of the South.

If u have any recommendations, plz comment below. Thank you guys so much!

Budget? Stats?


On top of @aunt_bea’s questions, what major (“Tech” is a bit too broad)?


FYI: Besides California, the “nice weather of the South” also includes the warm weather states of: Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Did your research also include the very expensive and high costs associated with living and going to school on the West Coast?

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I have 4.0 GPA with strong extracurricular activities and rich life experiences. Last year I took SAT and got 1340 (M:800+ E:540). This Dec I’ll retake the test and expect to score 1450+.

The safe budget for my family is $20000 per year. However, it can reach up to $30000 depending on the situation.

Hopefully you can give me some suggestions with these information! Thank you!

I haven’t decided whether I’ll major in Tech field or not, but I’d love to work on projects with students majoring in Electronics and Computer Science!

Oh no! I haven’t researched thoroughly about the cost of living yet.
Thank you so much for this information!

In that case, can you recommend me some schools which are not too stressful in the South?

We still need to know what your grades look like.

OP has a 4.0 (post #5). Weighted or unweighted?… hopefully the OP will clarify.

I think you’re going to have a hard time finding a tech (or any other) college in the price range you’re looking for. Besides tuition, fees, housing & meals, you’ll also need to budget for health insurance and travel expenses.

I’m going to suggest two colleges–

New Mexico Tech (Socorro, NM) small tech college, well regarded w/ very high grad school placement, but it’s in a small town about an hour away from any metro areas.
International COA (without aid) ~$32K/year plus health insurance & travel
Tech offer some merit awards that you’d be eligible for, but these are not guaranteed scholarships

University of New Mexico (state flagship university in a metro area --pop. 750,000)
International COA ~$44K/year
However, your stats will qualify you for the International Amigo Scholarship which would reduce your costs to $28, 064 (includes health insurance and $2K for travel )

Both UNM and Tech are laid back, Tech especially so.