Choate Student Taking Questions!!!

<p>With the beginning of school quickly approaching and the admission process gearing up, I'd love to take questions about Choate!
Feel free to ask about anything.

<p>I'm going to Deerfied the upcoming year, but I would like to have a Choate student's perspective on the rivalry that exists between the two schools.</p>

<p>Choate good at sports? What sports are they especially good at?</p>

<p>@tigerlilly-- YES WE ARE!! Choate won many large tournaments and events this past year. For boys we are really good at: football, soccer, basket ball (won new england's this year!!) lacrosse, squash, ice hockey (beating Deerfield in all of these:) )cross country, tennis and water polo. For girls: we are okay at field hockey, really strong soccer, squash (came in 6th at nationals i believe), volleyball (again winning a huge title this year), ice hockey (another huge season for choate at a few tournaments), water polo, lacrosse, basketball, swimming and tennis. Also, we have a stellar ultimate frisbee team which had a pretty clean cut season this year if i'm remembering correctly. basically, we are good at sports. some seasons maybe we aren't as strong as others but choate does a lot of sports recruiting and PG's who really make our sports program top notch. plus the coaches all love their sports and have a history with the sport they coach.</p>

<p>thanks for starting this thread 'pinksunset' ;)</p>

<p>haha, mater.</p>

<p>@deerfield15 Congrats on going Deerfield! The Choate-Deerfield rivalry is friendly fun. This past year, I don't think there was ever a case where the rivalry got out of hand. The rivalry's presence offers a healthy dose of competition. I think the rivalry fosters a underlying motivation in the players on both sides, because it is like they are playing for the honor of their school. Students partake in the different traditions that come with the rivalry, Choate students dress in gold and blue and it seems that Barbour jackets may be popular for Deerfield. Despite any differences the schools share, we all come together during the biggest football, soccer and basketball games of the seasons and cheer for our respective teams. But I'd like to think that rather than there being a big division, our excited voices rise up and eventually unite in a friendly haze of competition.</p>

<p>@tigerlilly, We may not win every game but we have a lot of heart. You can see it in the faces of the players when they miss a goal or basket. Consistently, all of the players' emotions are poured into that game. So while Choate may not win all the time in every sport during all of the seasons, we sure do bring our hearts to the courts, fields and ice every single game. </p>

<p>@yellow22 great response. I guess we have the best of both worlds. We have heart and we win...
haha, snack bowlz.</p>

<p>Is it necessary to bring an ethernet cable? Did you the need to use it often or is most of the campus wireless?</p>

<p>Yes, I would advise bringing an ethernet cable. Most of the campus is wireless, but in some dorms it can be slow sometimes. Bring the cable for backup.</p>

<p>I have these five questions that I usually ask, so here I am! I had a cousin that went Choate, so it should help me with admissions, I hope!</p>

<li>What were the essay questions in the Choates Applications?</li>
<li>What were you asked in the interview?</li>
<li>Was the social transition easy? Such as, was it difficult to make new friends?</li>
<li>What are your fellow classmates like?</li>
<li>Any tips for those of us trying to get accepted in Fall 2012?</li>

<p>Thanks and congratulations on getting accepted!</p>

<p>Hi ThePrepGirl!
1. The questions on the application vary from year to year. For my application I had to write an essay that was autobiographical in nature. I think it was about my identity. And then there was another question about how to resolve conflict with a roommate regarding a mouse and some peanut butter...haha. The online applications are available September 15th so I would just wait and see what the questions are. But some advice: look at the big picture that each question is asking. Usually it will have a bigger theme like 'how do you resolve conflict' or 'how do you see yourself'. Keep this in mind when you write. Also make sure the essays come from who you really are. Be yourself! Also start as early as possible. You want to have time to reread and edit your essays at least once. </p>

<li><p>My interview is a distant memory, but I remember most of the questions prompting answers from me that were related to how I see the world, how I operate in the classroom and just who i am. Again, just be yourself. Have a few good books that you have recently read in mind, just in case you get that question. Be prepared with some questions about Choate that you have--asking questions shows that you are genuinely interested and they ALWAYS ask if you have questions at the end. </p></li>
<li><p>I was actually a new sophomore this past year at Choate. Choate does a great job of helping the new students acclimate to the community. The community is very supportive and welcoming. If you are going to be coming in as a freshman, making friends wont be hard at all. Everyone is new so it is not a problem. If you are coming in as a new sophomore, you will be with other new sophomores and it wont be hard to make the social transition. Again just be yourself, you will attract like-minded people. Don't worry because everyone is generally friendly. </p></li>
<li><p>My fellow classmates are some of the smartest people I have ever encountered in my life. Coming from a urban public school with 2500+ kids, there was a range students, some who cared about work and some who didn't. But at Choate EVERYONE cares about work. Everyone sees the value in hard work and achieving personal success in the classroom, in the lab, in the music hall or on the sports fields. My classmates provide endless inspiration. It is exciting to see the varsity football player sing in a vocal recital or the science whiz give a great speech. This is what makes Choate unique, the students have diverse interests and support each other in and out of the classroom. </p></li>
<li><p>For those vying for acceptance in Fall 2012:</p></li>

<p>BE YOURSELF: Your true spirit should come through in your essays, your interview..everything. Don't deny who you are in hope of portraying yourself as "The Ideal Choate Student". If you are yourself, you ARE the ideal Choate student. Someone that is genuine.</p>

<p>START EARLY: Give yourself enough time to do the application. Re-read and proofread. Make sure when you send that packet to the school on January 10th, you are putting your best self forward. </p>

If you have a question for a coach, email them! If you have a question about anything, email your student tour guide. Choate loves to hear from people that are genuinely excited about the prospect of attending. Show your passion and interest by keeping in touch. The student tour guides give you a card for a reason, utilize it!</p>

<p>I have a few questions:</p>

<p>What were your stats, when you came into Choate? Like SSAT scores, hooks, sports, EC's, etc. </p>

<p>I've previously heard on another thread that there's a "cool-kid-circle." Is this true? And if it is, are they mean? Do they bully people?</p>


<p>I don't want to reveal my stats, as they are easily identifiable. I was overall a strong candidate, within 95th percentile for SSAT, played an instrument, wrote essays from the heart, had great teacher recommendations. I think I had a great interview as well, but most all of these things came from me being myself. Try not to get caught up in the "hooks" and the mindless lists of ECs. Truly work hard and be yourself throughout the process and you will find a school that loves you. Obviously Choate is a rigorous boarding school, well known for the challenging nature of the school work, so keep this in mind. Study conscientiously to achieve high scores on the SSAT. Write genuine essays and participate in ECs that arise from passion, not from the hope of getting into Choate. </p>

<p>Okay, this is a terrible rumor that has been started about a "cool-kid group". At Choate I will not deny that there are "groups" of friends. But truth be told, these groups evolve and overlap. It isn't like television. The "cool-kid group" is not mean, they do not bully. They are just one of the many "groups" of friends that somehow have been characterized as the "cool-kid group" by one person. Ignore this. There will always be divisions. In any institution there will be divisions. But at Choate, in all honesty, most everyone is genuinely nice and will have a conversation with you. I'm not trying to portray Choate as a utopian high school. It is a high school, people can be mean and feelings do get hurt. The drama that comes with friendships in high school is present at Choate. That's all I can say.</p>

<p>I understand that I am kind of contradicting myself based on my earlier response to the "cool-kid group" discussion on the other thread. There are multiple groups that could be considered "cool-kid groups" but in all honesty as I said before it is better to be yourself because these groups, like any other groups at any other high schools evolve and change based on the whims of the teenage psyche. I would be disappointed if someone didn't apply to Choate or was fearful of not fitting into a "cool-kid group" upon arriving to Choate because the "coolest" people I have met at Choate come from all kinds of groups. Some from the "cool-kid group" and some not. So in all, it is my hope and wish that rather than focusing on groupings of people, you stay true to yourself. Don't worry about "cool-kid groups". The phrase itself is dumb and the discussion on the other thread about it was entirely misleading.</p>

<p>How many new 11th graders do you get and do you know everybody at Choate, I know it's a big school but after living with people 24/7 for most of the year, I'm guessing you would?</p>

<p>Thanks pinksunset. Another question: would you suggest I contact some coaches and art directors for things I want to join (i.e. lacrosse coach), when I don't have any previous experience.</p>

<p>@Amuchan, I think this past year we got about 5-8 new juniors. This year we're getting a lot more, I heard around 20. It really varies from year to year. There's only so many beds. If you are considering applying for junior year, I suggest calling the admissions office as they will not only have more accurate numbers but can give you more information about applying as a new junior. I personally wouldn't say that I know everyone at Choate but I'm sure if I made that a goal I could. Choate seems small on paper but its actually very big. You see the same people around all the time but it would take some concerted effort to get to know everyone on campus. </p>

<p>@rizzledrizzle If you don't have any previous experience I would say don't contact coaches and art directors just because they won't have much to say. Unless you have a genuine question about a special program like Arts Concentration or the Science Research Program <em>that you can't find the answer to on the website</em> then consider an email. But even then your best bet is saving that question for after the interview or during the tour.</p>

<p>@rizzledrizzle: Speaking as a coach/art director, I'd respectfully request that you not reach out to teachers and coaches unless you have a direct, specific question that is not answered anywhere on the website and that could not be answered by an admissions officer who is familiar with the school. Boarding School is a great place to try new actvities, and there's always room for new students once they arrive on campus. </p>

<p>I can't speak for all the coaches/artists, but generally, between the classroom and after school and dorm duty and our own families we're very busy people. Our admissions officers are bright, cheerful, well-informed professionals who can answer all your general questions about sports and arts programs. Best of Luck to you!</p>

<p>How good is golf at Choate?</p>

<p>Oh boy, if only 20 new students are accepted this year, competition is going to be very heavy. Kind of demoralizing in some ways, but I'm hoping to accept the challenge with a smile :)</p>

<p>@student1996 20 new juniors this year, approximately. Obviously the numbers are different for freshmen, new sophomores and PGs. Best of luck!!!! Smiling's great.</p>