Claremont McKenna Waitlist

Does anyone have any updates on whether Claremont McKenna has started asking waitlisted students if they want to attend Claremont?

While on the Claremont Waitlist do you have to submit transcript or grades?

I have been wondering this myself. In the RD forum someone mentioned getting off the waitlist early in April, but other than that, I haven’t heard anything about the waitlist. My friend is on the waitlist at Pitzer and hasn’t heard anything either, but she got off the UVA waitlist on the 5th.

Anybody hear back from Claremont Mckenna about the waitlist for class of 2020

I meant Class of 2024!!

S20 got a call from Claremont McKenna today followed by an email. Had been contacted by Pomona earlier this week. CMC wants an answer tomorrow. Going to be looking at Pomona/CMC threads today. He’s in a great program at USC (WBB in Marshall). He knows he’s very very fortunate to be in this position. Feels like April 30 again.

I realize this is last years conversation, but am curious if anyone on the waitlist submitted predicted IB scores?