Clark University EA Class of 2023

Starting this thread for Clark University EA applicants.My daughter submitted her EA application last week and we are so excited! Anyone else?

My daughter, too!

Daughter, Same.

My daughter also applied early to Clark! :slight_smile:

Some of my daughters’ friends are starting to hear from schools with rolling admissions. This waiting is killer!!!

I just applied as well! Has anyone else done interviews?

Great college! I believe Clark is one of those “hidden gems” among colleges.

I do not know if this will be true this year, but based on last year, be prepared to wait until mid-December to find out.

My kid applying EA (with stats in the top 25% and also having submitted an application for the Presidential LEEP scholarship) got a nicely worded “likely letter” email from Clark on December 6th, but he had not received a definite admission decision yet as of December 8th, when he got into another college ED and had to withdraw his application to Clark.

From the past two years’ threads, it sounds like a lot of people heard on 12/14 or 12/15, with some receiving personal phone calls. Many of those admitted did not receive likely letters, so do not worry if you do not get one.

Good luck, everyone!

I loved my interview! It’s what made me really want to go to Clark!

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My daughter had her interview in late September, and found the interviewer very kind and enthusiastic!

In case anyone was wondering about decisions, I just emailed the office and the said they don’t have an exact date, but it will probably be the week before Christmas.

I applied to Clark EA too! Does anyone know when decisions come out?

Audrey, it sounds as if decisions might go out a few days later this year due to the 15th falling on a weekend. Thanks for the update! Has anyone received a “likely letter” like TheGreyKing described from last year?

Nothing yet!

And and the portal just reflects application received/ nothing more so far.

Hey all! In the chartroom for Clark on the ZeeMee app, an admissions officer (I believe, or some other employee of the Office of Admissions) informed the group that they “do [their] big decision release on 12/19;” however a student in the group claims to have already received a decision.

Thanks @lemonforeyes - While I guess it is possible that someone has already heard, I tend to believe the admissions employee, that they release all on the same day…

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I can confirm this. It is under the announcements section of the app.

Any new updates?

One of my daughter’s friends called (regarding her own application) and was told “definitely before the new year - hopefully the 19th or 20th”…Has anyone else heard anything different?

I heard the 19th as well. Hopefully, they follow through on it!!! I am so nervous!