Clark University EA Class of 2023

Seems this year they are a bit late with the decisions.

They posted on their FB page that they are releasing decisions via email on Wed night. Good luck to all!

I am so glad it is coming out tomorrow night! It has been long awaited!

We are so anxious! Hope everyone gets good news!!!

Yes, in looking at last year’s thread, the process was very different. I am sure the kids will be refreshing their emails a lot starting tomorrow afternoon!

Around what time will the decisions be released? I’m an international student so I’m not sure what time it is.

keep checking your mail throughout night. You never know when they might release the decisions.

Does anyone know if it is typical for them to release during the day or at night?

They FB post from yesterday indicated that decisions will be released in the evening. It is hard to know if they will release by time zone or just work with EST for all applicants.

D19 accepted with such a nice, personalized letter and $15,000/yr merit. I’ve got the warm fuzzies for Clark.

My daughter accepted with a Traina scholarship! Exciting - she really really liked Clark when she visited :slight_smile:

Daughter accepted with Traina! We were so excited we both cried!

Overjoyed here…my daughter also accepted with a Traina scholarship! We haven’t visited yet but plan to in early spring.

Just got accepted with Traina scholarship! I loved the little personal note in the letter! :slight_smile:

Our daughter was also accepted with a nice scholarship! We are ready to send in the deposit: love this school!

Daughter got in with Traina Scholarship as well.

Great personal note from Admissions added such a powerful extra touch…

Some Stats to help others:

  • 3.89 GPA/4
  • Nice heartfelt essay
  • Community Service
  • Swim Team 4 years varsity
  • Work Experience, Pizza Parlor & Lifeguard
  • President Photography Club and a School Non-Profit Org
  • 4 other extracurriculars
  • Applied Sat/Act optional
  • Interviewed

She is warming up to the idea of Worcester that is an slowly up and coming city (2nd largest in MA), and really appreciated the extra touches of Clark’s Admissions Office…

Daughter accepted as well with Traina Scholarship; Biochemistry major. 4.47 weighted GPA; 1450 SAT; 33 ACT; Varsity volleyball captain; president of national science honors society; college lab intern. Likewise, touched by personalized note - Clark has a certain “je ne sais quoi” vibe that clearly resonated with our daughter.

My daughter was also accepted with Traina scholarship for Economics major. 32 ACT.
Look forward to going to the Admitted Student Preview Day.

International- Accepted to Global Scholars Program with total amount $28,000 as merit aid! I am so excited about this! I wonder why I didn’t apply for the LEEP scholarship though…



ECS: Debates, 2 Internships (I feel that the one that helped me the most was the Internship I had with an organisation that is trying to spread literacy for girls in rural areas in my country), School Captain in Current Year, Trekking and learning about local sustainable practices in isolated areas like Ladakh, Involvement in community Efforts for reducing waste material and its subsequent burning, Anti-Cracker Campaign, chosen from the school to attend UNYCC 2017, Model United Nations- Head Delegate of my school team, awarded best speaker among 40-45 speakers.

Basketball- Zonal 3rd Position, and inter House second position as team captain.


“Destination: Clark” days for admitted students and their families.

Three Saturdays to choose from: 3/16, 4/6, and 4/14.