Clarkson 2024 class: question

Hi everyone!

I applied to Clarkson uni as an international student completing the IB program. I got accepted with a great scholarship :slight_smile: I am extremely happy and I’m really considering attending but I am not sure about one thing regarding admissions…as I am completing the IB and the uni has requested my “final high school transcripts”, do they want my high school grades given to me by the school or do they want the results from my IB May exams?

I have asked many people and everyone is saying different things…some believe that the results from the exams are only for credits (so I don’t have to send them), while others say that since the uni accepted me based on my predicted grades I need to send the results.

I contacted admissions but they simply responded by saying that they need the results by beginning of August and did not explicitly state which of the two results, so that was not very helpful.

Any feedback would be helpful!! Thanks!

@cofelov if you are a senior in HS you will need to have your final grades submitted at the end of your senior year. Acceptances are based on initial transcripts sent but most colleges want a final transcript sent at the end of the year to ensure your cumulative GPA is still where it needs to be etc… which is why it’s so important to continue working hard all through senior year.