Clarkson U B.S Engineering & Management Cost

Hello. I am a HS student interested in the Clarkson E&M program (the main thing is that it is the only program in the country that is accredited by both the AACSB and EAC-ABET. There are some CAC-ABET/AACSB programs, but they are primarily MIS/IS/CIS programs, not engineering). It seems like a good program (I am upstate NYer), but the only problem is the tuition. Does Clarkson offer generous aid (like the private Stevens IT), or do most students pay sticker price? The tuition is a bit too high, and I don’t think I want to pay over 200k just for the dual accreditation (is it worth sticker price, and do most applicants pay less than the 70k and get necessary aid?). Other than the 70k per yr tuition. I love this unique program. Its the perfect blend of Eng education and Mgmt ed. Thanks.

Also, is this program looked upon favorably by NYC/NoVA employers, and is it similar to IE/EM?