Clarkson University 2023

Who applied?

My daughter applied ED. Haven’t heard yet but she is a recruited athlete so we pretty much got as close to a guarantee as you can get. Still would love to see the acceptance letter though.

My son just applied Regular Decision.

I applied RD to Clarkson engineering. I spoke to a admissions officer the other day as part of a phone interview and found out that the first round of decisions will be late January and second round and further continue into February.

Thank you for the information @samlux295. That is exciting news. Waiting to hear for DD.

No problem! I applied around mid November I think and she said I’ll be either first or second round of decisions so hopefully that gives you a good time frame!

Decisions are mailed and then show up in the portal about a week later.

My son applied regular decision in November and more recently to the honors program. I guess it’s late January now. Has anyone heard?

Still no word.

My son received an acceptance package in the mail today.

@MAandMEmom congratulations to your son. Was merit scholarships mentioned in the acceptance?

My daughter also received her acceptance today in the mail. No mention of scholarships or aid in acceptance letter.

Thank you. Hoping my D gets hers tomorrow.

@futurenursemom1 Not sure yet as I’m not home yet but I’ll post in a bit. Hubby maybe said March. We will be waiting on the Tuition Exchange (benefit for employees of private colleges) and it typically doesn’t stack so we tend to not take much stock in merit awards as they will rescind them.

Didn’t get anything in the mail today but hoping for sometime this week!

My son also received his acceptance letter in the mail today. Aeronautical engineering. Scholarships will be sent out later.

The acceptance letter said “Notification of merit based and need based financial aid awards will begin during the third week of February.”

My son also received an acceptance letter for Aeronautical Engineering today.

Just got my acceptance to the mechanical engineering program!

Is everyone accepted so far in the engineering program? I am wondering if the acceptances are coming out based on major?