Clarkson University

Does anyone have any opinion as to the undergraduate civil engineering program at Clarkson U? Or even anything about the school itself? Is it one of those schools that is on the rise?

Great program, and strong job placement for engineering. We know lots of Clarkson grads and all are doing very well.

My son just applied for civil. We know several people who have attended and are doing very well and one who is a current student. They only have good things to say. Their outcomes are impressive. Oh, and great hockey. You can poke around the Clarkson forum for more info or questions: Most people familiar with the school will say it’s a hidden gem, and that if it were in another location, it would be much more popular and selective.

Great Engineering and great program. Not on the rise - already there.

As noted above by another poster, the location is not the best and probably is the main reason for the high admit rate of 71%.

Thank you everyone for the feedback! I was wondering about the high admit rate, because I have heard nothing but good about the engineering program and community in general. Is it solely the location that contributes to the high admit rate? Cornell is in a rural area but its admit rate is much lower.

Potsdam, New York is not as desirable a location as is Ithaca, New York.

About 82% receive financial aid packages from Clarkson University.

I think Clarkson is much more rural than Ithaca. People like me who grew up in actual rural areas don’t consider Ithaca to be rural.
Potsdam’s winter weather also tends to be harsher than Ithaca’s.

ummm… @GlobalD I think safe to say Cornell has a few things going for it that make it a bit apples to oranges comparison. Not taking away from Clarkson at all just a different animal, or fruit, or…