Class of 2015, Anyone?

<p>I'm visiting St. John's College on Saturday for the accepted students day and I think there is about a 90% chance that I will attend this school next year. Is anyone else going to possibly or definitely attend next year?
I really like so much about the school, but I am admittedly worried about how well I will do in the program. I'm hoping my visit helps to confirm whether or not this is the school for me.</p>

<p>I went to the accepted students day yesterday and will definitely be attending next year</p>

<p>I am possibly attending! Tell us how your visit goes.</p>

<p>Hey everyone, I'll definitely be attending next year. How was the visit? I study outside of the US right now, so I couldn't make it.</p>

<p>So, the accepted students day was really nice. My favorite part was meeting all of the St. John's students and faculty. All of them seemed so nice, intelligent and relaxed. We discussed Plato's Apology at an accepted student's seminar, and I probably should have said more during the seminar but I was being shy. I know I can do better next year. It was still a really nice and interesting discussion. I sent in my deposit for the college yesterday. I'm so excited to attend the college next year! The college was kinda perfect. I can't wait to just go, so every day at my high school now seems to last an eternity. Oh well, it's only like 5 months until I'll be reading up in Annapolis! I can't wait!</p>

<p>Nicole what seminar room were you in? I was in Beta.</p>

<p>I was also in beta. i felt like a dork because i was one of only like three people not to say anything, but whatever. i can be really shy in new situations, but i still enjoyed the seminar.</p>

<p>I was also in beta; first intelligent conversation I've had about something other than work in months.</p>

<p>Can all of you who are planning to attend SJA this fall tell more more about your choice. Why did you choose it? What other schools did you look at? What stood out about SJA? Etc, etc, etc....Thanks.</p>

<p>7sisters, I chose St. John's because it seems to offer an education for people who really value learning for the sake of learning. I didn't find this at the other schools I visited and applied to, including the liberal arts schools like Kenyon and Oberlin that profess to attract this sort of person. So I guess I just really identified with the people I met at St. Johns. It's such an ideologically diverse school and yet everyone is connected by the common thread of wanting such a specific kind of education. Of course it also just felt right but thats probably a little to vague of an answer...</p>

<p>Good answer. Thanks. My son starts in August.</p>

<p>Does anyone know when we find out who our roommates are?</p>

<p>I think end of July or early August.</p>