Class of 2020 Siena Albany Medical College Program

Just wanted to see if anyone else has applied to this program! We should be getting notification of interviews (if we got one) very soon!

Hi! I applied to this program as well. Have you received anything from AMC about an interview yet?

Nope but I called admissions and they said we should be notified end of December early January and interviews will be held late January! Where are you applying from? You’re the first person I’ve talked to that’s applying! I’m from FL

I’m out of state as well! Did admissions say we get the interview application thing from AMC in late December? Correct me if I’m wrong, but after submitting the Siena app in November, we still have to receive an application from AMC, and then AMC will select sudents from that pool to be interviewed.

Only students who get an interview get the app from AMC

Ok, so we will get the app from AMC (if selected) in late december?


They have like 500 people applying and they choose I think like 40 for an interview

Did you happen to get an interview notification yet? I’m starting to worry because December is ending…

I got the interview by mail yesterday

Really? I haven’t gotten anything in the mail yet. Do you live near the college or something? Maybe it takes longer for people who live further away

Yeah I live in NYC. They dated the letter December 22nd.

Oh okay thank you!

no problem! do you guys happen to know whether the application Albany Medical College sends you will be through email or physical mail?

I have no clue. They don’t seem to be fond of email communication so I’d guess regular mail

Has anyone else on this thread gotten an acceptance from Siena/Albany yet?