Class of 2021 Attendees?

Hi I just wanted to create a thread to see some of the people enrolling at earlham this fall …and just talk

Hi I’m going to Earlham this fall. Where r you from?


Nice to meet you !!!

You too. Have you received anything about the housing or something like that?.
What are majoring in?.
What residence hall are you going to choose?
I hope the campus is lively
Did you ever take a tour?.

I thought i’m the only one who hasn’t received anything about the housing. Have you?
I intend to major in Physics but who knows?
I’m also an international student so I don’t have a chance to take a tour.
How about you? What are your major and housing options? When will you arrive at the campus?

I haven’t received anything about housing and meal plans and that stuff. I was kind of worried … Don’t know if I should contact admissions
Which country you from?
Thinking about majoring in computer science.
I was thinking about going for the triple room in Barrett or bundy (doubles get awkward sometimes )
Haven’t really planned when I will be leaving .

I’m from Vietnam.
Actually there’s a FB group for admitted students. Search “Earlham college class of 2021”
I have contacted the Help Desk about the housing. When they reply, i’ll let you know.

There are 4 links in the Earlham Countdown web (seminar, housing,etc). Just click and complete all the questionnaires

Oh yh thanks