Class of 2021 ED applicants

Thought I’d start a post for graduating hs seniors 2017 who’ve applied ED to Centre — son has applied and is waiting for decision. Anyone have any idea when decisions are mailed? Also curious about merit aid offers – will they come with the admissions decisions or later?

Same with my daughter, applied ED and haven’t heard except that the application was received. I believe merit comes with admissions decision. I’d also like to know if they notify you via email or regular mail.

I found this on the website: Notification: Students who are awarded a general merit scholarship will be notified of their award at the time they receive an admission decision. Admission decisions and general merit scholarship awards are mailed in the same packet.

My son received his ED acceptance yesterday through snail mail. Merit award was included with acceptance letter. He is thrilled – Go Colonels!!

Congratulations! Mine did this week as well with merit. :slight_smile: #goldrush

My daughter received her acceptance today. We haven’t had a chance to visit and we don’t really know a whole lot about the pros and cons of the school other than what we’ve read. I’d love to hear any input any of you have to share. Thanks!

Also, I know this is the ED thread, but she submitted EA.

Congratulations to your daughter. My daughter also received her EA acceptance letter this week. We visited Centre in early January and had a great visit. The students all seemed very happy and were quite personable. The campus is rather small and there is little distinction between it and the downtown area. If you have any specific questions, I will be glad to answer if I can.

Sure - I just pulled a reply from another thread from last summer after she came back from a visit. After her 2nd visit and staying in the dorms for the weekend, she didn’t want to apply anywhere else. Loved the class, the campus culture, the people she met. For comparison the schools she strongly considered with visits included Denison, Bowdoin, Oberlin, Johns Hopkins, Dayton, Davidson.

“Every single person she encountered – food servers, students, administration – were very friendly and genuinely seemed to be interested in her, and wanted her to feel welcome. She felt they all gave a personal touch. The campus was very clean and fit her image of what college campus should look like (old, historic). She claims the food was “outstanding” and (I know this is silly) liked that the dorms were air-conditioned. She wasn’t bothered by the small town of Danville and said it was “cute” and “quaint.” She is not a hugely social person, and has a small but tight knit group of friends – a kid who is very social and is always wanting to be out and about at different parties may feel differently. I also did some research on number of admits to graduate school and student satisfaction of graduates and it is off the charts - very positive. She’s going back in a few weeks and will sit in on a class and have an admissions interview, so her opinion may change after that, but for now it is her top choice.”

Thanks so much @melabella and @Finalthree for your feedback. That is very helpful.

My wife and I both went to Centre. Our son is down to Centre and Davidson and working through the scholarship requirements.

I enjoyed Centre. We’re still active with the alumni group. In fact we attended a local alumni dinner last night.

The school is small, but much larger than we were there. I ran into one of my professors on a prospective visit and he still remembered us. The staff is accessible and helpful. I have been impressed with President Roush. I wish he had been there my years.

@hootch - Thanks for your response. My D also applied to Davidson. Do you have any opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of each school? Thx