Class of 2022 RD

Does anyone know when Clarkson starts sending out acceptance letters for RD?

Thought I would pass this info onto anyone interested.

Received acceptance letter in the mail today, no financial aid info though, does anyone know the timing for financial aid packages?

According to prior year posts on this site, Clarkson notifies you by mail and not through their portal, that seems to be the case, I do not see anything on the portal.

Prior posts on this site indicated that Clarkson starts sending their acceptances out at the end of January, some other sites list Clarkson as having rolling admission, I do not know if that is true or not. Application was submitted Dec 31., received letter Feb 3.

Also submitted an application to the honors program, have not received an invitation for an interview.

Good luck to everyone that applied!!!

My D received an acceptance letter in the mail today also. The letter indicated financial aid awards are sent our beginning the third week of February.

So just checking to see if those that have received letters are you in NY state? My son is getting concerned he we live n Maine

I live in Maine and received my acceptance letter today, but bad weather has messed with our postal system, so it could be a few days

He received the Leadership award I can’t imagine he wouldn’t get in but stranger things have happened.

@maine17 I am in NY, hope you get your letter soon!

Received acceptance letter Friday and financial aid package today. That was quick!

D received financial aid letter today= very generous!

Received acceptance letter and merit based scholarship as an international student=D very generous indeed