Class of 2022 Regular Decision

I was deferred from EA(Jan 16th) but checked the portal today and I got in but to an alternate major. I applied undecided business in the Paul College and got admitted to School of liberal arts as a history major. Don’t know when or where I will receive my financial aid or how easy it will be to transfer into PAUL.

@patriots2018 It’s about a week later, check the portal it comes up there before the email.

Patriots 2018,
Do you mind if I ask what letter your last name is? We are in the same boat as you with deferral from business undeclared and wondering if they are going in alphabetical order…Thanks!

My last name begins with an M! Hope you hear soon, and that it results in getting into PAUL. @bostonnorth

Thanks! We are S so maybe! :slight_smile:

@bostonnorth I am S and heard two weeks ago, about the Paul School.

Ugh, okay thanks for letting me know…Fingers crossed!

Does anyone know how to access merit aid decisions? I haven’t been able to yet.

Sorry that I posted on this thread but I didn’t see one for early admission. Anyway University of New Hampshire was the second university my son got an admission letter from back in December. We live all the way in Southern California in Los Angeles so we have not yet seen the campus. We are supposed to be visiting it on April 19. Is there anyone else on this thread perhaps also from Southern California? I thought it might be kind of a good idea because I have not heard of a West Coast meet and greet taking place that maybe all you guys could text or Snapchat each other to get to know each other before making your final decision is on May 1. Oh my son is going in as a biology major because his intention is to go into ophthalmology so he’s on the premed track.

@Andreq there is a FB group that you can join to meet roommates etc. Just search UNH Class of 2022.

@payasugo Yes before I even just went on here I found that group yesterday morning. I joined it but I feel a little strange because I appear to be the only parent who is part of that page. It’s not what I was looking for. I’m looking for a page where it’s for parents who can ask questions or give shout outs or whatever that is pertaining to the university where other parents respond. But since I joined it LOL I did put my son’s information on the post since he does not access Facebook and we will be visiting the University for the first time since we live in Southern California next month on the 19th since he was admitted back in December.

For those wondering about a decision, read your portal carefully.

My S applied EA and here’s what I can tell you about how the process went for him: the portal is hard to find a decision in, but when you first log into Webcat/Admissions Status and you get to the page that says “Application Summary,” if you look down the left column you will see a row with the word “Decision.” Look to the right column. Out of the blue, in maybe mid-January, my S’s switched to “Admit Early Action.” There was no email about a portal update, nor an email indicating a decision had been made. The letter confirming admission arrived maybe a week or more later, and there was mention in that letter of merit aid (Director’s Scholarship) but no reference to need-based aid. In early February, he got an email from UNH Financial Aid office indicating that his financial aid package was complete in and in the portal, and that had information about need-based aid (and the merit scholarship).

Best of luck to everyone!

@Andreq We, too, are from Southern California. S applied to UNH because his father, uncle, aunt (a whole list of folks) went and got undergrad and grad degrees (they all originally hale from New Hampshire) and he really liked the campus. I had seen the campus many times before, but we took S on a formal tour last summer when the campus was in full bloom. I will say that it might be one of the more beautiful campuses I’ve seen, and we took many, many campus tours around the country. My H loved it when he was there a couple decades ago, and said this summer that the additions to the campus (new buildings, new gym, etc.) were really impressive. I thought it was a beautiful campus with top-notch facilities, and seemingly offers an excellent education (my H went on to law school, and his brother and sister in law both have science/engineering-based Masters degrees from UNH). If you’d like to talk to my H (though he graduated two decades ago), feel free to PM me.

My DH will be attending and I started FB parents group. My other DH attends University of South Carolina, and that parent’s group has been very helpful. It is called University of New Hampshire Parents and it is public for now. Pease join and encourage parents with upperclassmen to do so as well, so we can learn all the ins and outs!

@CatsRUs Thank you because I’ve been inquiring on the different college boards on Facebook for the past few days. I will send a request now. The closest I came LOL was joining a student page for those who were admitted for The class of 2022. LOL May I share the link if you are not a member on the Grown and Flown Parents page in addition to College Bound both of those are Facebook pages?

@YoungOne4 I don’t use the site that often even though yes you all may see my name quite a bit on different threads… I have no idea how to send a private message. My go to social network is Facebook. So I private message on there all of the time. OK then your son at least has family in that area. My son has a cousin he is very very close with who lives in Manhattan and my husband and his family are from Philadelphia. That is our only connection with the East Coast. OK my parents also were from Boston. But New Hampshire we have no connection to…
What part of Southern California are you from because that makes a difference when kids are going to be living in a completely different environment across the country. We are actually from Los Angeles we live in Valencia. So of course it is very urban and my son is used to being able to get to numerous activities at Staples Center and LA Live whenever he wants to go which is quite a bit.

@Andreq My D is planning on attending UNH and we have been there a few times. All of the places you described are urban. UNH is not urban at all. Durham is a one road town and the university is by far the biggest attraction. Outside of Durham there are cows and forest for as far as the eye can see. Portsmouth is nearby but it’s barely a city, more like a big town. There is access to Boston by train but it’s an all day event not a quick trip. If your S is looking for something completely different from urban life UNH is a good choice. It’s close enough to visit the city but far enough to forget.

@CollegeADv1 Yikes. A friend of mine said though where the college is is a small town, she said that Boston by train only takes an hour to get there as her daughter goes often. If it’s in the middle of farm country he won’t like it.

@Andreq We were just at the Admitted Students Day for CHHS on Saturday and we stayed in Portsmouth Friday night. First of all, Portsmouth is a great town with shops, boutiques and many restaurants. And it’s on the water. It’s not a city (we are from NY) but every kid we met loves hanging out there and there were many that had jobs there. In addition, the school provides free bus transportation back and forth as it’s only about 15 minutes from campus. Secondly, Durham is very small but cute. It’s basically attached to campus and also has shops and many places to eat. You can walk there from any part of campus. Lastly, UNH has an amtrak station on campus, by the yummy Dairy Bar and the Whitt, and it only takes 1 hour to get to Boston. We spoke to students who frequent the train to Boston and love it. They go to shop, eat, see concerts and sporting events. The campus is actually in a great location. Is it surrounded by woods in a rural setting? Yes it is. But it’s close enough to everything else that it would probably appeal to any college kid.
We have our last college visit in less than 2 weeks and then my D will decide from her “final 3”. UNH checks a lot of boxes.

Hello patriots2018. I know it’s been a LONG time since you posted but I thought I’d give a shot that you may see this post. I am curious about your deferral last year on your EA application. My son is a senior now in HS and applied to UNH for class of Fall 2019. He also applied as first choice Paul School of Business/Undecided. Admissions advised us that he’d automatically be considered for alternate majors if he didn’t get into Paul initially, but I wasn’t aware it would be a full deferral from EA to RD. So did you apply last Nov, but were deferred to RD and then offered Liberal Arts/History in the spring? Are you attending UNH now? Did you get into Paul yet?