Class of 2022 Regular Decision

Does anyone have an educated guess about when the historical UNH decision dates are for RD?

I’ve heard around mid March!

My Daughter got her acceptance letter last Friday. She applied regular decision.

My son applied to the Thompson School on 11/14. Admissions told him a decision would be made by the end of January. He hasn’t received anything yet and nothing is on their admissions page. Is anyone else in the same situation? This may a duplicate - thought I would post it in two different places. Thanks.

Has anyone originally deferred from a restricted major receive a final decision? Is so, what major?

Some of my friends have received RD notifications. It appears to be a rolling process and to be moving down the alphabet. Just a guess. I am near the end of the alphabet and have heard nothing yet.

Has anyone that applied to the nursing program received a decision?

I applied RD, OOS, on 1/15. received an email this morning inviting me to apply to the idea & innovation society, the beginning of the email says, “First, congratulations on being accepted to the University of New Hampshire” This is the first I’ve heard about being accepted, has anyone else received this email?

I got that email too…my acceptance letter came in the mail a few hours ago. Congrats!

Btw I applied 1/12

Is it a separate application to the Thompson School than to UNH itself? Waiting to hear from being deferred and would apply to Thompson School if it would get me son in the door…

I got an acceptance in the mail today! UNH sends them out in waves, I think.

@anxiouswreck did you see any change on the webcat portal?

@payasugo Yes! Above the chart of app materials and date received, it said “Decision: Admit”

My portal was just updated it said “Decision: Admit” nothing in the mail yet.

@anxiouswreck did you actual letter say anything about merit awards?

@payasugo It said I got the Presidential scholarship, which could be between 5k and 7k. Financial aid is in the portal, confirming I got the 7k. :slight_smile:

@payasugo I contacted UNH Financial Aid yesterday as my daughter’s letter made no mention of any merit awards or financial aid. There is nothing in the portal as of a minute ago. This was the response I received…“The award information will be coming soon. You should have more information by the end of the week.” … just FYI :wink:

@Collegemom1004 I just called and they were closed because of the storm so thank you.

Collegemom1004 to answer your question from another group, UNH is my first choice.