Class of 2023 Admission

Hey there! Figured I would start a thread for folks who have applied for Fall 2019!

Good luck to all!!!

any idea when the decisions for ea will be released?

I believe next Thursday is when they’ll start

Hi! I applied! I applied EA for Communications. I havent gotten my email to set up my portal yet though.

Just got acceptance in the mail today. Yea! EA for College of Business and Economics

I applied EA for Communications! I am still waiting :slight_smile:

I applied EA for economics. I haven’t even received my letter in the mail yet with my portal info. Pretty annoying that they can’t email it like every other school does. How long after applying did it take you guys to get your portal info?

How long did it take for you to get an acceptance?

Congrats gar3mom! We are still waiting. Can you tell me if the portal was updated with status of admission, in addition to you getting the letter in the mail? There is an app status portal we’ve been checking daily.

I didn’t receive my portal info either, if you email admissions they’ll send it to you. I applied EA for communications and haven’t gotten a decision yet…are they supposed to come out tomorrow for sure?

My daughter got her letter today, after seeing the portal list acceptance yesterday. The letter said she will receive the Presidental Scholarship & is accepted in the Honors College. Does anyone know when she will find out how much the scholarship is worth (website says $5-7k for in-state)? Also, does this mean she did not get invited to apply for Hamel Scholars, or will separate invitations go out for that?

Congrats to all who have heard. Hopefully others will hear soon!

On my portal for application status it says “incomplete- items outstanding” Even though everything under “requirements” says it has been received. Does this mean they are missing something? Or does it just mean they haven’t made a decision yet?

@ct7101 You may want to email admissions and ask. I think my daughter’s said “awaiting decision” or something similar.

@ct7101 Mine says the same thing. Anyone else know when acceptance comes out?

mine says same thing- emailed admin rep and she said its okay and she got all my documents im not sure about the rest of you! im hoping decisions come out soon!!

Doesn’t it say what documents they have at the bottom of that page under requirements?

mine says ready for review not sure if that means they haven’t read it or not i’m guessing

Admitted Yesterday!! I am an OOS male.
GPA: 3.9W/3.4UW
ACT: 29 / 31 Superscore

D accepted to nursing/Honors Program/Presidential Scholarship. OOS. 4.1 WGPA. 1430 SAT. Now we wait for financial aid award and plan a visit.