Class of 2023/EA notification

Hello everyone! I applied Early Action and officially submitted my application on 10/20/2018. Does anyone know where to see the acceptance (does it come through email, on the portal, etc) and what date we supposedly get it? Thanks so much! Good luck to all that applied!

Hey! I applied on Nov. 9th! EA for Communications. I am aware some people have heard back and I think in the mail idk not sure though!!!

We applied EA as well and still waiting. Some people have begun to hear back and there is another thread here on CC for Class of 2023. App status can be viewed on the portal prior to the letter going out in the mail. I will tell you that it’s a bit cumbersome navigating to that area of the portal.

My son saw on the portal but hasn’t received his letter yet

I should say that he got his application in on 10/31

I applied 10/12 for communications and haven’t heard back yet either

Nothing here either!

I haven’t heard anything yet either!

Still nothing. I guess the current status of: “App Complete-Ready for Review” still holds hope vs “Deferred to RD” or “Denied”!

@Husky0830 App-Complete Ready for Review doesn’t mean anything towards acceptance, deferral, or denial. They just haven’t completely your app yet, that doesn’t mean you have a bigger change of being deferred now.

Did you get an email to check the portal or just checked in frequently to see decision?

Got accepted today via portal!

Congrats! Do you mind sharing your stats?

We’re still waiting! Applied to Paul School of Business. Does anyone have perspective on whether this has higher requirements than other programs? Admissions counselor indicated it is not one of their limited/competitive majors. Curious as to who has been accepted EA to Paul, and what your stats are.

Gpa: 3.0
Act: 27 superscore
Great recs
Lots of extra curricular sand volunteer work
Applied 10/12
Heard back today
Early action

@Husky0830 my son was accepted to Paul School of Business Early Action.

His GPA is 3.6. SAT 1320. Varsity athlete / team captain. A lot of other extracurriculars including a Congressional medal. He applied early October, heard back 12/4.

We had asked about the business school being a higher admission requirement than other majors when we toured. Our tour guide (who was a business student) told us “not officially although apply early if you want the business school because they do fill those spots separately”. Not sure exactly how that translates.

Hey I emailed my Admin counselour- because my application still says incomplete but everything was received she said and I applied early November.

This is her response–

“Your application is still going through an internal preliminary review process within our system. Once it is complete, it will be sent to my queue. I review in the order of application complete date. I have a high volume of applications in my queue right now so even if your application is made complete this week or next week it might still be some time until I get to it. As mentioned previously, you will have a decision on your application no later than the middle of January.”

So I am confused can someone explain what this means? Will I have a decision soon or? :frowning:

I checked my son’s portal today and it says…Application Status - Decision made. Decision - Admit Early Action. No letter yet but does this mean he has been accepted?

College2001- this gives me hope as these are the exact stats my son has! But he applied to Paul College of Business. We are wondering if that is more difficult to get into.

anyone apply to UNH nursing?