Class of 2023 RD

I had thought originally that RD applicant decisions would come out mid-March, but now see that Oberlin’s site is saying April 1. Does anyone know whether they might release decisions sooner or is that a firm date?

The last two years they have released decisions on the Friday of spring break. This year, that would be Friday March 29th.

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Just saw that!:frowning:

Where did it say on the site that the decision date would be April 1st? I couldn’t find that date anywhere. I don’t honestly think that I can hold my breath that long…,

Don’t want to wait for that long… :frowning:

Not only oberlin, but also hamilton and grinnell as far as I heard.

It sure doesn’t leave a lot of time to make a decision by May 1, if S is accepted.

So anyone has the definite information about the decision releasing date?

Sign up for admitted students days opens March 22nd, so that suggests decisions released this week.

Admitted Student Day sign up does not necessarily mean decisions will be released. Early Decision applicants already know if they have been accepted so they can sign up, but regular decision will probably still be later. Previous years tend to indicate that admittance notifications were sent the last Fri. in March.

According to College Kickstart, last year, decisions were out on 3/23 by 4pm, the year prior it was 3/24. if that holds up, I would think it would be 3/22 this year. Good luck to everyone waiting to hear.

Oberlin admission office is saying decisions will be released this Friday, 3/22.

Yep, they just sent the email and it’s this Friday, 3/22, at 5pm EDT. Good luck to everyone!

Four hours left, good luck to everyone!

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My D was waitlisted.

My S got in with $21k merit aid. His other top choice was Denison, which gave him $27 plus $2800 work study. So Oberlin would cost $16k more per year. …does anyone have experience negotiating for more merit aid?

My kid got in with 30K merit. I am stunned.

Similarly stunned with S19’s 30K merit award. But still leaves 43K COA! Nonetheless grateful, and continually flabbergasted by the outstanding students rejected or waitlisted. Best of luck to all.