Class of 2024 Admissions Decisions

Please report the following once you’ve gotten a decision. Good luck to all!

Extra curriculars:
State Residency:

Application date:
Decision date:

Has anyone heard anything?

No, applied 3 weeks ago. How about you?

Son applied 8/27. Still waiting.
UW GPA: 3.71
W GPA: 92/100 (should be over 4.0 but not really sure how it converts to 4.0)
9 APs (never below 83) and 6 Honors classes
ACT (here’s where we hurt) : 24 but if superscore- 25
4 yrs football, track, and FBLA
Major is Business

Anyone have any decisions? You think the ACT will keep him out?
Good luck everyone!

I think you he should be good (hopefully as my son’s superscore is 24). Mine is in-state with similar GPA and AP/ honors courses. Played 4 years of HS Hockey has letter of Rec from guidance counselor. Some just don’t do as well on standardized tests. Heard colleges may be starting to weigh them less in decisions.

Also, We applied on Aug 2 letter of rec was only missing piece and it was submitted on 9/12 and still haven’t heard anything.

They seem to be taking longer than in previous years.

My son has asked for letters but the teachers and GC hasn’t even started yet on those. Is that required for UT? It would really irk me if the reason his decision gets put on hold is because we wait for others to write letters.

Have seen in previous year threads that some people get accepted prior to letters of Rec coming in. Took ours over a month… It does seem like UT is taking longer on decisions than in previous years.

A friend called the school and was told decisions would begin to be sent on Oct. 1. I don’t know if that is correct, but thought I would share.

Letters of recommendation are not required (correct?) so it doesn’t seem like that would hold anything up. That’s interesting to hear that they are waiting to send decisions on Oct. 1.

No they are not required.
But, after my son’s GC finally sent one in we got notification that application now complete and could take 4 - 6 weeks for decision.

I wonder if the GC sent a recommendation letter and official transcript in the same time frame, and it was actually the transcript that made the application complete.

Nope they received official transcript at the end of July

I just called and spoke to admissions. They haven’t made any decisions yet and probably won’t until next week. She said that they do not require any recommendations unless you are applying for scholarship.

Next Week?? That’s crazy. If you look at other threads 2023, 2022 they started notifying a lot sooner. Wonder why different this year?

Looks like they are already notifying some kids in Tennessee high schools on twitter.

Has anyone heard anything yet?

Not us.

crickets here…