Class of 2024 Alfond Scholarship

Hello fellow Rollins-applicants,

I applied in October 2019 (RD) and was recently accepted. I also applied for the Alfond Scholarship which I did not hear from yet. Invitations for finalists will be sent out in December according to the official website, but I just wanted to start a thread for this when the time comes to discuss.

Feel free to post when you get any news about it.

My daughter was a finalist last year. She received her notice through her Rollins portal.

Is there a separate application for the Alfond? I don’t remember that.

@Tuitiontimesfour No, there’s no separate application. I just indicated that I wanted to be considered for the Alfond Scholarship on the CommonApp.

Invitations for the Alfond Scholars Weekend were sent out via mail about a week ago. Email notifications were also sent out.

Did you hear this from admissions, or did you receive an invite?

I wonder what the qualifications are or were to get invited. My daughter was way over the criteria posted.

From admissions

Of those who applied, it’s the top 40-50 kids each year, of which 5-10 will be the top international students. The website specifically says: “Qualifying applicants typically have SATs higher than 1450 (Evidence Based Reading and Math) or ACTs higher than 32 (Composite) and GPAs higher than 3.6”

Note that they say “higher than” for everything–not necessarily that someone with a 33 and an UW 3.7 will have the slightest chance at being invited. It just depends on the stats of all who applied before November 1st, and just like everywhere else, “perfect” scores are becoming more and more common.

We were actually glad that our daughter didn’t get the invite because she had already made her choice and sent in a deposit somewhere else last week and Rollins was #3 on her list. The chance to compete for a bigger scholarship than the $30k/year would have just muddied the water.

Thanks for the information. I am a little surprised and disappointed. Her sister was an Alfond finalist last year, and frankly this daughter had a better application. We really like Rollins but not the price tag :slight_smile:

It would be nice to hear from a student or two that got notified just to verify that what we were told was correct, but the Rollins sub-forum doesn’t see a lot of action.

I would like to hear confirmation, too. My son was well above their stated minimums and had a great application, in my opinion. Thanks for trying to keep us updated.

I get the impression it is more of “holistic” process. Which to me means it is not entirely Merit based. My DD had a 35 ACT an A+ non weighted GPA, National Merit Semifinalist, singing, theater, worked as a lifeguard, bunch of AP’s, no sports. Even with the 30K plus Florida Bright Futures it might be a stretch still. I just can’t see going crazy into debt for an undergrad degree, she is most likely going to grad school. Have to wait until the spring to hear back from the other schools.

Best of luck to all your kids.

Hi! I received my invitation to the Scholars Weekend about a week ago (on the 11th) through my portal

That tracks with what I was told. Thanks for confirming that. Congratulations and good luck!

Congratulations! It was a great weekend last year.