Class of 2024 Auburn Acceptance?

Hi so I applied to Auburn October 28th and havent heard anything yet. Has anyone got accepted since then?

According to their website only the people who applied by September 1st were notified early

My son applied at the end of October as well. No word. I thought they were notifying people on a weekly basis.

My daughter applied 9/16. She wasn’t in any hurry to apply due to the Nov. 1 deadline. Sure wish she’d known that there would be an Oct. round of admissions for those applying by Sept 1. AU really needs to decide how they will do the whole admissions thing and STICK WITH THE PLAN.
Anyway, she still has Complete Ready for Review as her application status. Not sure about the “by Dec. 1” on the website for next round of decisions.?. Does that mean they will possibly notify BEFORE Dec. 1, or ON Dec. 1?

My son is a current AU junior, and he was notified of acceptance before Oct. in the year he applied. We are growing impatient with these changes and all the waiting this year.

My DD didn’t apply until Oct. 25th, so bummed she waited, but when they said everyone who applied by Nov. 1st would find out Dec. 1st, she decided why hurry? Here’s my thoughts, Dec. 1st is a Sunday, and at the end of Thanksgiving break, so who is going to be working that week? maybe we’ll find out on the 22nd before everyone goes on break? this is just my personal reasoning, I have no insight on the matter. We are planning on being on campus the 22nd & 23rd, so I will try and find out more info.

Just found this post. I guess they changed from rolling to AE

Geez Louise, I hear you! It has been so different from when my son applied two years ago. We went in the spring for a tour and nothing was mentioned about the changes. I’m a little concerned too because what’s on the website about scholarship levels is different than the link that is posted above.

On my application today it no longer says “complete ready for review” it’s just blank is this good or bad? Does anyone know?

@newhampshirefun mine said complete ready for review this morning and this afternoon it is blank as well. I applied in August but my file wasn’t complete until Sept. 5th with my transcripts. I guess that is why I wasn’t notified in the first round.

Same for my son!!! Was saying “complete ready for review” and now it is blank…It also says “current program” Bachelor of Science. I cant remember what it said last time I checked, but I am hopeful that since the Ready for Review is missing, its a positive??? Does anyone know how they inform of decision? Email? Snail mail?

My son’s “Application Status: Complete Ready to Review” is now gone. I saw some posts that others have seen changes in their portal today. Does anyone know if this means decisions are likely to be released soon? We’re on pins and needles over here!! The first round was sent via email and it was on a Wednesday!

My son’s in now blank as well. The "Complete ready for review " is gone and it also now says “program bachelor of science” and admission type: freshman, but no idea if that even means anything

This happened a few weeks ago. The “complete ready for review” disappeared and the first round of notifications went out the next day. Hoping to see something tomorrow.

I also applied to Auburn the last week of October. I haven’t got an email or anything but when I log in the “complete ready to review disappeared” and now says “current program.” Does that mean I’m accepted?

Does anyone know if the complete ready to review disappeared and no current program is listed, what that means?

Has anyone received an official “ accepted” “ deferred” or “ denied” on their portal? It seems as if a lot of people’s has changed, like mine has, but mine does not say ‘decision made- …’ like an admissions advisor had told me it would…

No, and nothing listed next to current program. Does anyone have anything listed next to current program?

I don’t have anything listed next to current program.

For the record I think ‘current program’ is a heading (just like ‘application data’ is a few lines above it?!?) So I dont think anything would be listed on that line. But below that it says “Program-undergraduate” now- so…fingers crossed!

@southerntide1 That makes sense. Thanks!