class of 2024 decisions


I applied to Marquette on 8/27 and in my portal, it says that applications will be read starting September 1st and the first decisions will be mailed out starting on September 15th (today). Does anyone know if that means it will be online in my portal tonight or if it means I will get my decision in the mail sometime this week?

With rolling admissions would love to know when people start hearing back, too. My daughter just applied last night but it will be a few weeks until her official transcripts are sent since she is at the mercy of a very slow counseling office.


I got in on 9/20! (3.4UW and 29 ACT)
The portal said they usually send out decisions 2-3 weeks after they receive all of your materials. Good luck to your daughter!!

Congratulations and thank you so much for letting me know! Unfortunately we are At the mercy of her high school right now as they can take up to 30 days to submit her transcript. She has another week to 10 days to wait but they do have the rest of her application and a rep from Marquette is actually at her school tomorrow!

My D got in a week after she sent her application. They are quick!

My D got in 10 days after all admission materials were received. Notification was on her portal with copy of admission letter attached. Nice merit award too in the admission letter, a bit higher than projected.

I was just accepted today!!

My application was completed on November 1st and I heard back yesterday, November 19. I got into their nursing program and got a nice merit scholarship. So excited!!

@clarem05 would you be willing to share what your merit amount was? My daughter was also accepted into nursing but the $16K merit scholarship was not competitive with other similar schools that offered $23K-$26K.

@netpro I was accepted to Marquette as well and received merit of $16,500. That was so much lower than the merit I’ve received at other similar colleges. Those scholarships ranged from $20K - $24K, much higher than Marquette’s. Frankly, I’ve taken Marquette off of my list because of this.

@netpro I was accepted to Marquette and recieved merit of 25,000 per year into the business . Even though thats the highest it really doesnt make Marquette the most affordable, hoping they have other scholarship to help .

@Indygirl1 my DD is in the same boat, Marquette was a contender before she received $16K, no longer competitive and definitely not going to attend since we don’t qualify for any additional financial aid. In fact Marquette sent us Financial Aid offer already showing only Unsubsidized Student Load of $5500 as an option, so net cost for Marquette (without loan) after the scholarship is $47K/year, much higher than other comparable/better schools she was accepted to.

@netpro Same. We didn’t qualify for any aid either, and the net cost is ridiculous. Creighton here I come!

Did you receive $25,000 for the Pere Marquette?


@lotusfloating yes my Pere Marquette totaled to 25,000

@avahelen Congrats!

Does anyone plan on applying to Marquette’s scholarships? Like the College Deans, etc.

@lotusfloating My son immediately applied for Goizueta and Deans. He has received 16,500 Pere Marquette and 16,500 MU Award.

@momofginger Have you guys heard back from Marquette regarding those 2 scholarships he applied for?