Class of 2024 Nepal

This is a place for all Nepalese students to share and discuss their applications as well as college placements.

Hello everyone. Who are applying from Nepal this year ?

I am applying . 2nd year gap.

@Hero127t me too…tell me about your preparation for the application


Hello everyone,I am also applying this year.

is there anyone who hasn’t filled sat…seats are full for oct 5…what to do?

Yes I have registered for Oct 5.
Where are you all applying ?

@Einstein00 oh, I am planning to build my college list. What about you? And why is the thread so inactive? The ball is in the court already.

Yeah I am also figuring out the colleges.I do not know why this thread is so dead.It would be great if more people are eager to share their college application process here.

@“zero/one” where are you planning to apply for ED/Ed2 ??

Can we apply for ED/ED2 taking gap year/s?

@Einstein00 I am not sure… depends on my sat scores… what about you?

@JohnnyBro yeah you can…

Yeah you can @JohnnyBro if you get your sat scores by November or apply to a college which takes SAT as optional.

hey, anyone active ?

@“zero/one” what are you stats ?
And did you make the lists of college to apply ?
Also,Are you planning to give the SAT in Oct 5 ?

Why is this thread so inactive ??

Hello everyone, applying this year.
Is anyone applying for Berea college?

@Einstein00 they are decent. I have most Astars and As with a B, stellar extracurriculars with participation in national and international events. Yeah, I am taking the test on Oct 5. I have almost finalized the list leaving few gaps which I will fill as soon as I give my SAT. What about you? And why is the thread so dull?