Class of 2024 - Rowan

Just realized no one has made one of these yet! I was accepted a few weeks ago :slight_smile:

SAT 1300
GPA 3.25
Rowan Scholarship: $1000 x4 years

How long did it take to get a response? My son just completed his application last week. He has a 3.0 and 1040 SAT (taking the SAT one last time on Saturday). Hoping that he gets admitted.

I got my response in only a couple of weeks but I also applied early action

Thanks. Hopefully, we’ll hear something by next week.

What is my chance of getting into Rowan for regular decision, NOT honors? I have 1390 sat, and a 3.7 weighted GPA and a 3.0 unweighted. Major: Marketing, Community service: 200 hours, Essay: Very good(I hope :))

Also, has anyone else been accepted with roughly the same stats, and if so, did you receive any merit scholarships?

@vixpixal Is that GPA weighted?

Yeah that’s weighted. I think you’ll most likely get in.


My son got accepted a week ago, for Engineering
Merit…$ 5000 × 4 years

Its Rolling

You have very high chance

very high, and i’m sure you will hear soon. My sons stats weren’t nearly as good as yours and he got accepted and shared within 2 weeks of applying!

My son was finally admitted yesterday!!!

My son applied back in October and was admitted within two weeks for their business school. While it’s his preferred choice, we are looking around at other schools who may offer more money.

GPA 3.7
SAT 1310
Scholarship $2000 x 4 years

what was your sons SAT score?

My son was accepted back in November - Music Industry Program. He had to submit a portfolio of his original music, specific music essay and a resume. We attended an open house for this major in late Sept. He received $10k x4 years scholarship and invite to honors program. Waiting to hear back on honors.
His stats:
3.94 gpa
29 ACT
Lots of theatre and music ECs
National Honor Society
Rowan is a great option…just waiting to see all the cards on the table to make final decision.

I was accepted!! I was actually accepted a couple of months ago, got 10k merit for 4 years. 1390 SAT, 3.7 weighted GPA, 200+ Community hours, hopefully, a good essay. :smiley: