Class of 2024 - West Virginia University

I noticed there was no thread yet for the Class of 2024. If you applied (or applying), feel free to share your Stats (GPA, SAT/ACT, In-State or Out-of-State, targeted Major, etc.) here as well as whether you got accepted. I’m also curious, does WVU do rolling admissions?

DD is considering WVU, she hasn’t applied yet though.

GPA: 3.97
SAT: 1220

Son applied on Nov 1 and has not heard yet. Rolling admissions. He has two friends with very similar stats in early October and they were accepted 3 weeks later. We did hear that the later you apply, the longer it takes because more applications are coming in.
Out of state.

4.14 weighted, 3.77 unweighted
25 ACT
Very involved with school activities, sports, extra curricular activities, and employment.

Are student Portals automatically created when a prospective student applies? DD applied yesterday but hasn’t received any email from the university regarding confirmation.

Has anyone heard back regarding aceptences? I know WVU does rolling admissions and those responses usually come back in 2-4 weeks. DD just applied on 11/22 so I know she has a few weeks to go.

@Candy-O i thought there was no student portal, you just check your status on their application status website

@rickqwert , yeah. I saw that just recently. WVU does it differently than other universities.

Does anyone know when or if WVU sends out merit aid letters? Do they stick to their merit chart or do they make individual determinations? Thank you.

ACT/SAT: 1360 superscored (710 EBRW, 650 math)
GPA/Rank: 4.17W / 3.7UW
Extra curriculars: exchange year junior year, city youth council, volunteer little league coach
State Residency: Virginia
Ethnicity/Gender: White female

Application date: 09/13
Decision date: 09/13
Decision: Accepted
Major/College: Sports Management

@Susanb33 for me they stuck to the merit chart, and it popped up on my portal sometime in mid-October (about a month after acceptance) with my scholarships and financial aid. Since then it disappeared from the portal though, so I’ve been meaning to call them and ask why it was there and then went away.

Thankyou mads7977!

DD just got accepted today.

Scholarship awards pretty much align to what is publicly published online. However your student may qualify for individual scholarships from his/her specific program college. For example, in addition to receiving the University published scholarship, my son was awarded scholarships through the College of Engineering and also received a Mountaineer Scholarship - so three total separate awards. All awards will be included on the online portal a few weeks after formally being accepted to WVU. Good luck!

I applied in August and was accepted in early September. I was also accepted into the honors college and received eligibility for the Bucklew and Foundation Scholarships. WVU sticks to their chart regarding merit.

GPA- 4.0 w
Major- Biology

Applied 11/1 right at midnight for E/A . Accepted 11/9. ACT 23. GPA a lowly 2.27 UW. Instrumental Music Major. Must have been my smokin’ fun essay LOL. I still have to audition for departmental merit scholarships and to even “officially” get into the department. They were one of two schools which accepted me without auditioning first. It was quite a surprise cause as you can see, my academics suck but I can play that instrument :wink: So I tell you… it must have been the essay “I just want to play” (which they don’t even require ) or maybe all the music related ECs I have a plenty. Whatever… I’ll take it and was very excited to get my first acceptance so early and to a school that’s actually in my top 5. " Let’s go !!" Class of 2024 !!

Oh and I’m OOS. Maybe I should make it easier to read the stats quickly…

Applied 11/1 - EA right at midnight
Accepted 11/9
GPA 2.27 UW
ACT 23
Major : Instrumental Performance
EC’s ALL music related… captain, first chair etc for Marching Band, Symphony Orchestra, Youth Wind Ensemble, All State Band, Community Orchestra, Pit Orchestra for community musicals… You get the general idea :wink: Couple of volunteer hours at church… nothing major. And I have a j-o-b 15 hrs a week.

I’m still surprised as I KNEW music would get me in somewhere but I didn’t even audition yet, though I DID have a lesson with the instructors at ALL the schools I was applying to so maybe the instructor had a say? Dunno

Any notifications regarding merit aid?

Out of state Son was accepted for Engineering in December. 1470GPA, 33ACT, 4.0 unweighted GPA, Eagle Scout, boatload of EC and AP. Invited to Honors College, although we may decline since it appears most engineering courses are already part of the honors curriculum. Amazing Merit aid at WVU - 24K a year, and the engineering department says they have some other aid which may also be available. I’m not sure when the aid was awarded. We did not get written notification, but checked the portal this week and saw it. Basically, the aid perfectly matched what their scholarship calculator indicated before we applied. WVU was not first choice, but he is very interested and it may be hard to turn down their merit aid. Good luck and we may be seeing you in Morgantown this fall!

Spoke with admissions counselor today and she said they will be out 1st week in February if you haven’t already received it.They’re starting to post some already but will be all done by then. Definitely before my son’s February 8th audition.

@JPE make sure your son applies for the Leadership Scholarship. Eagle Scout qualifies. I think it’s only $500 a year but every little bit helps!