Class of 2024 World Scholars program

Is anyone interviewing for (or have interviewed) for the World Scholars program? My daughter has her Skype interview December 2nd. She’s interested in Athens, Greece.

We just got the invite today. How did the skype interview go - what was it like? We have not looked into the program yet but plan to this weekend.

@Momtofourkids she thinks it went well. I’m not quite sure what all they asked, me and my husband made sure to take our other kids upstairs while she had her interview so it was quiet and she didn’t feel uncomfortable. The interview took about a half hour. I know they did ask on a scale to 1-5 how do your parents feel about you studying abroad and she said about a 2 or 3 because I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, but I won’t deny her the opportunity if she’s chosen for it. Decisions are supposed to be released on or before December 21st for those who interviewed early.

@Momtofourkids my daughter was accepted to the World Scholar program for Athens, Greece. Did your son interview?

@bech05 No he did not end up interviewing. Congratulations to your daughter that is great!

My daughter’s interview is this week. HOw do they decide location? Do the kids list their top choices, or is it assigned?

@sapmom, I was wondering the same thing…

My daughter just had her interview. They do choose their location. We’ll see how it goes!

Yes, they can choose their location. My daughter has decided that she’s not going to do it. Being that far away for that long would be too much for her (and me) plus she wants to be on campus when she starts. It’s too bad that they don’t go abroad the 2nd semester instead. She is looking into going abroad during the winter session.

@sapmom, thank you! Did they say how long till she finds out?

Anyone willing to share information about the location choices available & about the program ?

Thank you in advance !

Sure @Publisher ! I believe the sites are Italy, Spain, Greece and New Zealand for the first year. They go abroad again in their Jr. year and then can choose from 30+ locations.

Locations include: Greece, Spain, Italy or New Zealand.

Program requires first semester of freshman year & a semester during one’s junior year be spent abroad.

Do the University of Delaware students study with students from other schools when abroad ?

She said the interview was great and went about an hour. She got the scale of 1-5 parent question (on a scale of 1-5, how supportive are your parents of study abroad, or something like that) and she said 5. She was given a lot of information to help her choose location and got a lot of background on the program.

The schools are as follows:

Auckland, NZ: University of Auckland
Rome, Italy: John Cabot U
Madrid, Spain: St. Louis U in Madrid
Greece, I believe, is American U in Greece? Not positive.

So they will be in school with other students from other schools, and I believe classes are all conducted in English.

I forgot to ask my daughter how long it will be before she finds out, but I know that she needs to choose before they’ll complete the process. We just talked a bit and I think she has it down to Spain and Italy, and Italy is the frontrunner.

Also, in my own research, it seems to me that the New Zealand kids depart in July. The Rome and Spain kids depart in late August/early Sept, I think?

Also, it’s a pretty involved 4-year experience. Sophomore year they live in the International House. On their return from first semester, they choose a globally-focused minor. Junior year they’re abroad again, and senior year they prep a Fulbright application.

How long was it between your daughter’s interview and your acceptance to the program?

She’s in! Rome, Italy. She really loves the idea of the smaller community feel within the larger university, and she already has two study-abroads under her belt, so she’s pretty comfortable with the whole idea. As of right now, UD is tied for first on her list.

Does anyone know if the COVID-19 will affect the Global Scholar program for the Fall?

I hope not?. If my son commits to UD he will start his semester in Madrid. Spain is in bad shape now.