Class Of 2024

Hi there! I have a son anxiously awaiting a decision! He is a legacy, applied ED, wanting to major in Instrumental Studies. We live in the D/FW area. Good luck to all!

We are in the same boat! My daughter applied ED, she’s a legacy, and we’re in DFW too! :slight_smile: My son is a freshman there this year and loves it and she can’t wait to join him. He was admitted at Premiere last year - we’re hoping they don’t wait that long to send out the first round of acceptance letters as it’s not til Nov this year!

I hope they don’t, but we will be at Premiere just in case!! Fingers crossed!

@chelegirly My son found out last night he was accepted!! So excited! Fingers crossed for you!

Hello! My daughter just applied EA and is super excited. Do acceptances go out first for ED applicants?

@texasboundorbust @chelegirly Nope! I was EA and just got accepted today! The first round of application decisions are going out right now :))

Oh wow… how exciting! And congratulations to you & to @iahayes! Thank you for your reply… we will try to patiently wait it out. :slight_smile:

I only applied EA on Monday and got accepted yesterday! Lots of money too so it’s not too bad of a cost!

Our daughter was also accepted yesterday with a nice scholarship offer. I guess that was expected based on the website calculator but very nice to see it included with the acceptance! Congrats to others accepted and good luck to those still waiting!

I’m not sure our daughter will end up at Baylor as she applied to 5 other schools and ED to one of them, although a reach school which we are not optimistic about but we will see what happens in December. Of course we will be excited if she ends up at Baylor!

Our daughter applied for EA and was accepted late last night with a very nice scholarship offer too. Congrats to everyone!

Would you mind sharing your application timeline/scores/GPA? My daughter applied EA and I feel like I can’t handle the wait!! Her application status now shows as completed. Did you receive an email?
@YankeeTexan33 , @ProudD, @lmm130, @nerdsoprano, @iahayes
Thank you!

Yay for everyone already accepted! My daughter got her acceptance last Wednesday too! She’s super excited! We went to her Distinguished Scholar’s Day there on Monday and it was that much more fun knowing she was in! Anyone else interested in the Outdoor Adventure LLC?

Congratulations to everyone accepted! Anyone wants to share his/her acceptance experience? I am not from the U.S., my daughter is the first American generation child and I love to hear about it and be ready as well. I have watched some videos and they are very emotional and exciting!!
Do you usually receive an email, then you check your Baylor account and then receive something (what is it? lol)in the mail? Any particular order? I am very curious!
Thank you very much!

Got accepted just now to Baylor!!! I applied EA on August 9th. Here’s my stats in case anyone’s curious. Let me know if you have any questions!

Major: Business
Class Rank: 8/61 (top 13%), I go to a very competitive ECHS
GPA: 4.018/4.5 Weighted; 3.57 Unweighted
Composite 29, Math 26, Science 27, Reading 31, English 33, (February 2019)
Composite 29, Math 24, Science 24, Reading 35, English 32, (July 2019)
Composite 29, Math 27, Science 26, Reading 27, English 35, (September 2019)
Superscore: Composite 31, Math 27, Science 27, Reading 35, English 35
AP: my school doesn’t do APs. 61 hours of DC, 6 regular college credits.
EC: NHS (2 years, officer), PTK (2 years, officer), Theatre Club (2 years, officer), UIL Academics (3 years, 2 awards), my school’s Ambassador program (3 years), 100+ hours of community service
Hook: first-generation

@laurarwrites congratulations!!! Did you just get an email in the evening? How did you find out?
Soo exciting!

@PM81 I got an email that said “We have a special message for you! Check GoBaylor” at around 7pm. I got super excited and ran to my computer lol

@laurarwrites Thank you! I will be checking our college application’s email every five minutes!!! Did your application say something like “under review” after you submitted it? My daughter’s shows as “we are looking forward to review your application” kind of status.
Congratulations once again!

Congratulations to everyone accepted! We got home last night, checked our daughter’s account and she was accepted!!! It was very exciting and just wanted to wish those that are still waiting for a response, good luck!

@PM81 That’s exactly what mine said after I had submitted everything. Good luck!

Thanks @laurarwrites ! I read somewhere that the status would change to “is being reviewed now” and since my daughter’s doesn’t say that I was getting worried as it was not even started lol.
I can’t wait to hear back from them!! Thanks and congratulations again!!!