Class of 2024

Starting the 2024 thread. S applied EA for civil engineering.

Daughter applied EA for physics.

Looks like decisions start trickling out in December.

Just applied for the biochemistry major! I think last year decisions began in the middle of November!

Son applied for CS end of October, now waiting!

Daughter applied end of October.

Son applied Business end of August. No word yet.

DAughter applied EA Liberal Arts. Nothing yet.

Son applied to nursing EA

Daughter applied for bioengineering…nothing yet.

Hi- I decided to call undergrad admissions this morning. The nice lady there told me that they are going to start reviewing applications starting on Monday and acceptances/decisions will be going out on a rolling basis through January. This is for early action. I asked her if they look at in-state or by school and she said there is no rhyme or reason to how they look at the applications. So good luck to all starting next week!

Thanks for checking on that, Momtofourkids ! Good luck to you too.

UNH was the only school that had not received my son’s ACT scores. When I called ACT to see what was going on, I was told UNH gets scores on a CD on a monthly basis. That is very surprising to me. They are supposed to have them by the end of the month, so I guess that won’t hold up S’s app.

Thanks for the information momtofourkids! Good luck !

Out of state. Daughter applied Early Action Psychology

GPA : 3.85
GPA W : 4.2

SAT : 1290 W 650 M 640

National Honor Society
National Latin Honor Society
Science Honor Society

4 years of Volleyball : High School and Club/Travel

11 AP Classes by the time she graduates
Most classes have been AP or Honors

Lots of volunteer work and extra curricular activities as well as a PT job.

My son got in today! We checked his online app status and its says “Admit”! School of Business Administration. We did not get an email or anything in the mail yet but based on previous years comments that looks like how it happens!
Hopefully more will be hearing soon!!

@Momtofourkids Congratulations! When did he apply?

@Momtofourkids congrats! when did your son apply?

He applied way back at the end of August. He wanted to get all his applications in as he knew he was going to have a busy Fall/early Winter at school. But per the admissions person I spoke with two weeks ago she said they were not looking at applications in any particular order and we are out of state. Good luck, hopefully this is the beginning of a lot of people hearing!