Class of 2024

Starting this year’s thread. S applied for civil engineering. It’s one of his top choices. Anyone else apply yet?

my son applied for comp sci.

My daughter applied ED for pre-law and the 3+3 accelerated law program. She will be playing tennis.

My son applied regular decision (priority status) prior to 11/1 in business program with interest in the combined BS/MBA program.

My D20 applied EA to nursing on 10/12.

My daughter applied on 10/25 for Early Educational

When are we expecting EA decisions? I thought it was the first week of December last year?

Yes, usually early December. Do they email you to check the portal, or is it via mail? Anyone know?

@taverngirl If they haven’t changed anything, sounds like they will send an email to check the portal:

Anyone hear back yet?

Not yet! Anxiously waiting…

My S received a verbal acceptance earlier this week (on-site decision day). Business Management 3+1 major.

Any updates on when they will be notifying us of a decision?

Received an email at 2:49 this AM that there has been a status update. The email contained a link to view the update which revealed an official acceptance letter. S was accepted ED to Business School with a Dean’s Scholarship. He applied late October, checklist was complete 11/1. We are over the moon! Good luck everyone!!

We have a Bobcat! Daughter was accepted today, 3+3 law, trustees scholarship, committed to the tennis team, deposit paid!

I was told they will start mailing next week, but my daughter found out this morning on the portal! She applied ED and had everything in before October!! That was because she’s a sports recruit ??‍♀️

I emailed the admissions representative and she has responded saying that status updates will be posted by the end of the week

For just ED or Will regular rolling admission find out too

My D just got accepted into the nursing program for EA.

My daughter accepted 5 yr dual bachelor’s/master’s in education, rolling admission, $28k/year merit scholarship. Don’t qualify for financial aid anywhere so the merit money makes this pricey school MUCH more attractive.