class of 2025 acceptance

Just putting a thread together for anyone who has been accepted. I noticed in past threads some were notified in October. Good luck!

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Will the acceptances from 9/15 come out today?

website says mid October but I had though in an info session they said today. nothing today for me.

My D is anxiously waiting for news as well. Nothing here yet. Do any of you know how they first notify?

My son applied on 8/15 and we were hoping to hear today. The waiting is so tough!

Nothing for my daughter today either.

What does your status say on application? Still shows “submitted” for us. We hit the 9/15 deadline and was expecting to know something yesterday.

My daughter’s status still says submitted as well. She hit 9/15 deadline too and we are hoping today they will hear something. ??

My D’s status is still “submitted” as well. I keep checking that as a possible indicator. Maybe end of day today? It seems fairly common for schools to release on a Friday afternoon before they go home for the weekend.

Nothing here yet!

Talked to admissions today, 1st notices not going out today, probably early next week.

That’s disappointing, but I appreciate you sharing the information.

Thank you for letting us know!

Has anyone heard any updates today?

Nothing here.

Has anyone been heard from Auburn? The website originally said Oct. 15, but now says midOctober for notifications.

Nothing here yet. But I was on the website looking at housing, and they already have dates for starting the contracts etc. So, hopefully soon!!

It may be different this year, but last year on the Auburn portal, the Application Status “Complete Ready for Review” disappeared two days before decisions were posted. Decisions were posted on the portal on the second day and my son received an email an hour or so later. Good luck! I know the waiting is tough. My son is a Freshman at Auburn and is really happy!

My daughter’s status just says submitted.

Same, “Submitted 8/15/2020”.