Class of 2025 - admission to Communications/Advertising

My OOS daughter is planning to apply to MSU for fall 2021 with no test scores. GPA is hovering around a 3.0 and activities are fair-to-middling, so I assume she’ll be borderline for acceptance. How competitive is the Communications/Advertising major? Is she better off applying as undecided? She kind of has her heart set on MSU at this point, so hoping for the best.

MSU doesn’t admit by major, so if she’s accepted into the University, she’s accepted into the major–and Communication/Advertising isn’t a college or major that she’d need to re-apply for admission after taking prerequisite courses…

Thanks so much for the info. I didn’t realize MSU doesn’t admit by major for everyone. In the meantime, we’ll continue to keep fingers crossed!

Did you apply EA? If so you can get a notice soon. I believe EA is also on a rolling basis. I got my admissions decision (Accepted) within 1 week of all my materials being submitted.

My Stats
OOS (Ohio)
3.75/4.0 Rigorous Private school
30 ACT
Community service
Varsity and Club sports
Leadership positions
Job Manager
AP Lit, Lang, Bio, Calc AB, Microeconomics, Gov, US History, and all others are Honors classes.
Biomedical Lab Science and Economics for MSU program
looking at your stats I would say there is a chance but it would be on the lower end. If essay is phenomenal that would help a lot. Good Luck!!

Thanks; this is for my daughter ;). She applied in early-October EA and hasn’t heard yet. Frankly, I am fully expecting a deferral and anything more than that will be a most pleasant surprise. Eagerly awaiting an update.

Our daughter received her acceptance last week as well:
OOS (North Carolina)
3.82/4.38 GPA
No ACT submitted
10 AP classes, 11 honors classes
Community Service
3 sport athlete all 4 years
National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, National History Honor Society
Dual Enrolled senior year
School rep for city youth council
This was her #1 choice so it looks like we will have a Spartan next year!
Hope this helps and hope you get some good news soon!