Class of 2025 Admissions Decisions ONLY - University of Delaware

Please post your admissions details below.

This is for all who applied to the University of Delaware and would like to see when others are getting their decisions back.

Good Luck!

State Residency:

Applied date:
Decision date:

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Did anyone else’s account not let them log in today? I went to check to see if all my materials were submitted and it said that no account existed. I have been able to log in with the same credentials previously so I’m just confused

Yes same happened to my daughters, I called and they sent me a reset password, still not working but will have to call tomorrow to see why?

ACT: 32
Rank:School does not Rank
State Residency: New Jersey

Numerous volunteering, extra curriculars, sports.
Major: Psychology

Applied date: 10/3/2020
Decision date:

I logged in today and noticed there was a new form under the checklist that said I had been offered admission. Nothing else changed on the portal - still awaiting decision, no confetti, no status update email. Does this mean I’m in? Anyone else see this?

@confettipickles I have the same thing on my portal.

@confettipickles my D’s portal shows the same thing.

@confettipickles I don’t see that on my son’s portal so maybe those of you that have that will be the first to get decisions? When did you apply?

Not on ours either and app was submitted 8/1

@korkre Ok, I feel better then! Ours was submitted 10/3.

Not on my D’s. App submitted 10/15. Those who have it mind sharing stats?

My D Applied 10/20

@mlk75 I submitted on 10/27. Here are my stats if it helps:

SAT: 1500
GPA: 4.3/4.0
State Residency: in-state

I just talked to an admissions person at Udel and she said that the form under the checklist does not mean anything. It is merely there on their end.

I would bet those who have the additional form receive a decision soon. The person you spoke with may be towing the company line, otherwise I think everyone would have the additional form. Reading other years threads, it looks like they start releasing some high stats decisions the first Friday in November. That’s just my humble opinion. Best of luck everyone!

SAT: 1400 (740 M/660 RW)
GPA: 3.9 W
Rank: 61/228
State Residency: PA

Applied date: 9/22
Decision date: 11/4
Decision/College: Business

Found out about an hour ago!

Does anyone know when they will release the merit scholarships?

@ashley41 I think you’re right, within one day of seeing the additional form I found out the decision. It is probably a hint at being accepted.

My son received his acceptance today. Just checked his portal and it was there.

My daughter received her acceptance today!!!

My daughter was accepted today!
Application complete 10/25
SAT optional
4.2 GPA
State - MA

My daughter received her acceptance today too! Nursing