Class of 2025 Admissions Decisions

Let’s get the ball rolling. Please report the following once you’ve gotten a decision. Good luck to all!

Extra curriculars:
State Residency:

Application date:
Decision date:

Has anyone heard anything back yet?

Based on last year’s initial release, I am hopeful that some will begin rolling out tomorrow, Friday, Oct 2. But, you never know when they will roll out until they begin rolling out :smile:

Just a week or two ago they updated their website with information on how they are handling applications without SAT/ACT scores (particularly important for College of Engineering and other majors where they determine your acceptance on a calculated readiness index). My guess is that they spent much of August and September figuring out this process and so will be a little late getting the first notifications out this year. So no stress!

I called admissions yesterday and they said all decisions will go out mid-December this year because of the new test optional feature. So it’s going to be a long wait this year.

I am super afraid I wont be able to get into UTK. I already got intp ETSU,but I am hoping to get into UTK because of their scholarships.

I have a 3.75 unweighted gpa, a 22 on the act ( I did a retake, just waiting on my score), and I am an in state resident. I do have extracurriculars (about 4).

Does anyone know the chances of getting into the bridge program? I am ok with getting into the Bridge program, as long as I get in I am happy.

I am super nervous.What do y’all think?

Can you chance me?

State Residency: TN

4.0 GPA, 34 ACT, National Merit Semifinalist, National Hispanic Scholar, Eagle Scout.


Scouts BSA - 11 Years
Robotics Team - 4 Years
Food Bank Volunteer - 6 Years
Guitar - 8 Years
Piano - 4 Years
Summer Camp Aquatics Staff

My essay is relatively strong, and my references should be decent too. The only thing that I’m worried about is that I’m applying to the School of Architecture, and I’m not including a portfolio. Should I throw something together with some existing pieces, or will I be fine?

Also, I know that the university has said that acceptance letters will start going out by mid-December, but I’m not clear on whether or not that’s when the college-specific acceptances will go out too. Does anyone know anything about this?

In son’s application portal today there appeared a link to apply for the “Volunteer Impact Academy.” Not very familiar with U Tenn so we looked it up and according to the website application to this academy is “available upon admission” to U Tenn. Anyone else see this? He has not received an acceptance and the website says not to expect acceptances until mid-December this year, so wondering if everyone got it or if it is a sign that one might get an acceptance.

@momof21 My D received the same email for Volunteer Impact Academy.

@momof21 I also got that!

Thanks @srwcmw & @icardova !

Does anyone think the Volunteer Impact Academy application showing up is a good sign of the outcome?

We also have the volunteer link…

DD’s entire profile is gone today. Including the volunteer link. Nothing there now.

@MandAB2527 Wow! That is odd. Has it been like that all day? Maybe just a brief IT update? My son’s appears normal.

@momof21 yes - all day. was there last night when she started the new program application. today - only an option to upload additional documents but no requests for any document specifically.

@MandAB2527 the same thing happened to me, it is a cache issue. If you select “Logout” under the “Account Tools” in the top right of the portal and then log back in through the login option on the new screen, it will correct itself. I’ve had to do it a couple of times since my DD started the new program application.

Best of luck to everyone. I hope that all those that feel that Tennessee is the best fit for them get see each other on campus in the fall of 2021!

Are EA decisions coming out next Friday?

I have the 15th in my notes, but sooner would be nice!


UT NetID field and Student ID field now on DD’s admissions portal. The UT NetID field is blank but the Student ID field has a number in it. I “assume” others are seeing this also? Hopefully means we are getting closer to decisions being released.

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