Class of 2025 Admissions Decisions

Have same thing with a student Id wondering is that is good news

A Net ID certainly sounds like good news!

Is the admissions portal the same as the VIP portal?

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I believe so.

I only see one ID # and it reads: "Your Slate ID # is: "


Same here

Same here - only Slate ID

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My D has fields for both a NetID and student ID, but neither is populated. These fields weren’t there when she checked last week so we are thinking it means they must be in the process of updating something. Hopefully everyone receives good news soon!

Nothing new on my portal. Did this field populate last night and/or this morning?

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When I checked last night and this morning I had it but when I checked a minute ago it was gone.

Hmm that’s really strange, I wonder why


Same here - it was there last night but gone today

My portal changed to only have my Slate ID and the “Review/Update Test Scores” box. The competitive scholarship link has disappeared by my Slate ID is still there. Anyone else???

I just checked, now we have the slate id and above it a competitive scholarship application button

Mine disappeared this afternoon!

We have a slate id but no scholarship button. Don’t know how long it has been there or whether it disappears. Feels like a good sign…

Final High School Transcripts

Have your high school or college send us final transcripts after confirming your enrollment electronically ( or by mail to:

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My portal is still the same, but it’s definitely a good sign that yours has been updated! Hopefully we’ll see decisions start coming out in the next few weeks.

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Hopefully! Good luck to you

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The Competitive Scholarship Application on mine just disappeared earlier today - still waiting to see if it updates with a NetID + student ID.

I know that we’re super close to finding out admittance decisions, but it’s driving me crazy not knowing which way my application is going to go. But, I guess, it’s better than the alternative.

Best of luck to everyone applying! Looking forward to seeing all of you next fall, assuming everything goes well!


My D is just like you, @BGraph. She has been checking the portal daily, and making me anxious, thus the reason I’m here checking things out :slight_smile: She is a solid student but applying to a pretty competitive program (nursing) so the waiting is making her nuts. I wish you the best and hope you hear good news soon!!