Class of 2025 Nepal

This is the thread for all Nepalese students to share and discuss their applications as well as college placements.

Where are all of u applying for ED?

Hey y’all. I am a class of 2024, unfortunately taking online classes. Imma try to help y’all. so, post your questions.

Hey, where did you end up studying and can you share your stats? would be very helpful

hey, why this thread so silent, lets share colleges we are applying

applied to EA/Spring worcester poly, uni of miami, rochester
1410 SAT (Dec 2019)

applying Duke ED, havent taken SAT, deadline is nov 15 (probably wont get in but worth giving a shot)

I am also applying to Duke ED.
Probably getting rejected but there’s no loss in applying.

SAT kakasle dina payo yaha?

UPenn ma ED garne koi xa?

I haven’t taken SAT and I’m planning to go test optional.
It will probably hurt my chances but idc

ED1 to skidmore college anyone

Yea I am EDing to Skidmore. Which school are you from?

Bro I dont think its a place to tell my identity, We can share our stats but

Yea sure. What was your SAT? I got 1420 and 800 on Math 2.

who is giving SAT this december? Alevel ho ki NEB

when did you give the SAT

Anybody applying ED to Williams?

September 26 ma deko.
Ko ko yaha, test-optional bhairaxan, Early apply garna?

I am going test-optional, I am just applying with my A level grades with 4A* to Skidmore.