Class of 2025 Nepal

did he/she received any scholarship

Anyone received full tuition or above from Howard ??

Two of my friends got 17k and 19k merit scholarship (Financial Aid yet to receive)

Heard that it is all that we are receiving this year, and Howard ain’t provide much scholarship than this.

I don’t think they gave out full tuitions this year to internationals. I got the founders scholarship but gave me only 17K in tuition aid. Founders used to be worth full tuition room and board a couple of years ago. Ppl with stats similar to mine even attended with full ride. smh

So , is that all we are receiving this year? Or, Are they providing more than this by April 30 ?

I think they will provide some more as need based aid. They have asked for HU ISFAA and said that more aid will be distributed in terms of the informations you fill in there.

They are doing too late. Is it only few of us to whom they haven’t sent the financial aid or is there anyone who got that?

Anyone got into Trinity College, Connecticutt and Gettysburg College?

I got waitlisted at Conn College. Anybody else on the waitlist??

Literally everyone!!!

I heard one guy from Xavier International College Alevels got into Harvard. Also my friend who got into MIT this year was also accepted to Duke and Dartmouth.

When did you apply? For RD?

I applied RD at Conn. I think ED candidates usually don’t get waitlisted after deferral. Are there any ED candidates here who were initially deferred and then waitlisted at Conn?

What was your EFC?

I am seeking a full ride, and I will probably get a rejection letter soon.

Best of luck bro!!

Thanks Nepalibabuxx. And best of luck to everyone on the waitlist!

The same student from RBS got into Conn and Gettysburg

Hey everyone!
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