Class of 2025 Stamps Scholarship at Virginia Tech

Has anyone heard about semi-finalist selection for the Virginia Tech’s Stamp Scholarship?

Hi! I’ve also applied for the stamps scholarship, but haven’t received an update. Do you know when/how we will be notified?

My son was not accepted to VT’s Honors College, which is astounding. I don’t think potential students are considered for VT’s version of the Stamps Scholarship unless they are assigned to the Honors College.

My son’s credentials:
4.81 GPA, full IB, 1570 SAT, National Merit Scholarship Finalist, 3 sport varsity athlete, Eagle Scout, 100+ hours of volunteer events, part time job, IB President

It just doesn’t make sense.

I’m sorry to hear, your son has very good stats. Can I ask how you were notified of your honors college decision? I can’t find any information about my hc decision on the portal.

In the portal, scroll down to where there is a second column of items on the right side of the website. There should a “Honors College Notification” title with text under it explaining your honors college situation. This is on the computer-monitor version of the site, not the mobile version of the site (old people problems!).

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I just posted on the VT early action thread about our confusion with the honors selection.

My S21 has a 1580 SAT, 4.0 uw, all AP and dual enrollment. Will most likely either be Val or Sal. Plus he has hundreds of hours of community service, multiple leadership roles, and some compelling regional awards related to his major.

The lack of honors invite was confusing to us. We thought he had a great Stamps essay. I gather it won’t even be considered now since he wasn’t invited to honors?

@DoingOurBest: I can’t believe how similar our sons’ credentials are! The fact that these young men are not even being considered for the Stamps Scholarship is astonishing. Virginia Tech is placing income above reputation. This typically doesn’t work out in the long run. Sadly it doesn’t surprise me that this behavior is coming from a state-funded school.

Yes, it is very confusing. (We are OOS by the way.) We’ve been trying to understand the criteria for honors and Stamps and we’re not sure what more he could have done to at least be considered. I think the most troubling part to me is that he wrote a great Stamps essay. I’m guessing that it won’t even be read since he wasn’t chosen for honors? I’m not sure though.