Class of 2026 Nepal

Hello this is a thread for Nepali students to discuss on US Undergrad application process


hello can anyone provide me a list of colleges for CS in US?

Depends on your stats and score…share your stats and i think i could help you

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Is it a good idea to apply to universities that haven’t accepted many Nepali students? Like 1/2 students in total.

Now, sometimes it is totally a poor idea if you are thinking of applying to colleges like JHU which doesmt accept much Nepalese
But last year Tufts, Yale, Columbia,Amherst,.Princeton had 0 Nepali admits but that doesn’t mean they wont take anymore. These things makes the probability even more higher.So, make sure the college provides aid, and has accepted a Nepali student till now. You are good to apply if you think you have chances.

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what ecas do you guys have i pretty much have NO ECAs worth mentioning and on the other thread for 2025 people were writing about publishing journals and doing research with professors…its scary AF… a levels probably getting 4Bs i dont think i can get into any unis the highest COA i can bear is 6k p.a


Its same with me. No any significant ecas.

Tufts accepted Gaurika Singh (Nepali citizenship), but idk if that counts tho.

The application process has been overly competitive. There are guys with 1500+SAT, all A*, research papers,founder of 2,3 org and what not. So, with that EFC you def have less chance. We still have 3,4 months left, work on your ECs prolly

CO25, well let’s not count that though. She is completely considered from UK application pool.

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If you are planning to apply to ED. It’s better to talk with applicants and try to not clash ED.

One of my friends is applying to Vassar College. He has nearly 25K EFC and has researched with John Mather, a Nobel Laureate from Columbia University. Just imagining the profile of applicants these days gives a severe case of imposter syndrome.

why is this dead chat

has anyone been accepted to Whitman college in the past 3 to 4 years? (with near to full aid)

Whenever I see a post like this I get very intimidated. And this definitely toughens the competition but then just because you have an amazing profile does not mean you will get accepted. I am not bad-mouthing anybody but the US admissions process is holistic meaning AO’s look for students that fit. I myself am planning to apply to Vassar and definitely feel like an imposter amongst these amazing profiles but then
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It’s about time we start discussing our EDs.

True, I’m thinking of ED1 Swarthmore