Class of 2026 Undergrad/Class of 2024 Grad: The Tours, the Auditions, the Journey

@zafacon We are at Jacobs audition weekend now, and indeed the magical packet came through! They are offering Jacobs tours (almost every hour Friday and Saturday) and two campus tours a day, as well. It was so good to see this since the campus tour that we saw online was booked by the time we found out about passing the prescreening.

We’ve had a great experience here - everyone is so friendly and helpful. Now we just hope for an acceptance!


DS passed the prescreen at Bard for clarinet. And that’s all the prescreens! He’s likely going to have to submit a video for this one as it’s sandwiched right in between Baldwin Wallace and Peabody (unless one or both of those ends up going virtual).


Thank you so much for the update on the magical packet! :slight_smile: And so glad to hear you both had a positive experience ~ not surprising from what my son has already learned about the place!

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Good luck, everyone - we all have a 2-month gauntlet ahead of us and I wish the best for all of our kids. Daughter plays tenor trombone/classical, seeking a BM degree and considering arts administration minor where it is available. At BOCO/Berklee this weekend for audition #2 (already accepted at UK from a wonderful fall audition where she felt very welcomed). Final auditions scheduled for Eastman, Oberlin, UNT and Bard. Off to the races we go … or not, to a degree, since so many are converting to live virtual or recordings.


I always love following the next generation of musicians as they start their journey. Good luck to all of you!


Glad to know someone else on this thread will be at BOCO\Berklee this weekend. My Daughter is auditioning for the MM Voice Opera. This will be our first time in Boston and she is super excited


Actually we were there last weekend for brass auditions, but enjoy and good luck! This is a great place to wait if anyone needs to get out of the cold - right next to the tall dorm on Massachusetts. Tatte Bakery & Cafe
160 Massachusett Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
map link


The Bebop was great for lunch on a cold day also - average Boston Irish pub, but had a fantastic jazz trio during lunch.


Thanks for sharing. We will definitely make plans to do lunch there.

yours is fast, I got mine on January

Now they changed the final audition requirements, I know at least for piano… They want you to record a program including several pieces in one take without any editing and some pieces only needs a portions and some has to be full, just to “mock” the live audition feeling. It felt so weird to record portion of a piece though