Class of 2026 waitlist

I sadly got waitlisted from UW. I can even explain how heartbreaking this was. Does anyone know the likely hood of UW getting back to students on the waitlist before May. Also any advice on what to do?


Submit a letter to admissions ASAP explaining why the school is the perfect fit for you. Explain what you would add to their school. And tell them that if accepted you would 100% attend.

Thank you for replying! Should i do this in a appeal form ?

Or should i do both?

I would do both. But be sure to really drive home in your letter what you will contribute to the school and that it’s your #1 choice. Good luck!!

Yeah same here, they are not going to get back to us until at least may 15th. I don’t know if that is new information. Its possible that we might not hear back from them until the first of April

I mean first of August, sorry.

My son also got waitlisted for UW, trying to get into Computer Science. It’s frustrating as it is his #1 and we keep hearing of others that got in that have said it is not there top choice and probably won’t go.


Do we have any stats? My daughter got waitlisted too. She filled out the appeal form too.


When do we expect to see some movement on the waitlist now that 5/1 has passed? OOS Son is waitlisted for Bio.


Checked with Admissions yesterday as they had reviewed confirmed acceptances as of the May 1 deadline. They said that it was NOT likely they will be clearing names from the Waitlist anytime soon. OOS D was an Arts Sciences applicant majoring in Econ. This is our 3rd child and the admissions process across all schools was horrible this year. Hope it gets better. Good luck to all of you out there!


Thank you for the update!

Does this mean it’s likely the waitlist will be closed? Thank you

Wrong discussion.

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Does anyone know a date that UW will release waitlist? I’m in state but I just got off the waitlist at UC Santa Barbra. I would much rather prefer staying in state and going to UW but I don’t know if I’ll get into UW before the SIR deadline of 5/16 for UCSB.

Congrats! I wish I did. We are in-state CA, and D22 is waitlisted at UCSB and UW - her top choices. Would much prefer in-state as well. DD is committed to UofO - loved it and they gave her a great scholarship. So even if she gets into UW she may stay committed to UoO because of the scholarship. Still hoping for in-state though! Wish there could be some kind of reciprocity. Would you mind sharing stats and major?

3.72 GPA UW 9 APs 5 honor classes 31 ACT. My ec’s were really strong though and I think that is what carried my application. I applied for undeclared at UCSB and Business at UW.

Thank you - all all the best of luck for your top choice!

If anyone is interested, my daughter was just notified that UW has closed its waitlist for out-of-state residents.


Same. Also for international students.

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