Class of 2027 Applications opening July 1st

Looking to start a list of schools that open registration for Fall 2023 on July 1st
A couple I found so far
University of Arizona
Florida International University

U Alabama typically opens early July using their own app. You can apply thru common app starting Aug 1.

The website “apply Texas” opens then

Now that all the UT schools will also be on common app (not sure UT-Austin has made the announcement yet), I am not sure Apply Texas will be open before 8/1. At least it seems that’s the earliest date one can apply to TAMU for fall 2023:

That Texas A&M page mentions the Coalition application, not the Common application. It also encourages the use of Apply Texas if applying to more than one school in Texas.

UT Austin also mentions the Coalition application.

All UT schools will be on common app this cycle. They have some website updating to do.

Here’s the announcement with TAMU and UT Austin, both of which have been confirmed at counselor presentations.

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WOW this is news to me! It’s so great that they’re phasing out of ApplyTexas - right on time for me to apply :slight_smile:

I didn’t say they were phasing out Apply Texas. Applicants will have their choice now….Apply Texas or common app.

Don’t forget the Coalition application as well for University of Texas and Texas A&M applicants.

It is unclear what is happening with Coalition app because of their new partnership with SCOIR. I am not sure TAMU and U Texas Austin will still accept coalition app next year.

Due to the new partnership, Coalition app will not be available as a standalone app, it will only be available through SCOIR. Obviously, not all high schools use SCOIR, some use Naviance, Maia Learning, or one if the other SCOIR competitors.