Class of 2027 Nepal

As the application season for the Class of 2026 has come to an end, this thread will mark the beginning of the application season for the Class of 2027.
Best of luck to yall!

There’s an active and supportive community of Nepali students full of current undergrads and grads who are putting an effort into guiding junior students to get into their dream college/university. College Access Nepal, a discord server whose link is https://■■■■■■■■■■/UKkWrBQMy3 .

They are going to run application sessions covering the entire US College Application process starting on Friday evening (29th of April). It’s going to cover everything from ECs, gap year, SAT prep, CommonApp essays, College Researchh to Misconceptions regarding getting a VISA.

For those of you who are wondering, it’s free of cost.

I, a recipient of a full-ride scholarship at NYUAD, along with hundreds of other Nepali Daju-Bhai Didi-Bahini will be there to answer all of your queries regarding the US college application process.
I don’t see any reason why somebody would want to miss out on this opportunity.
So join the discord server, and begin your undergrad journey today.


Link to the discord server: College Access Nepal