Class of 2027 Undergrad/Class of 2025 Grad: The Tours, the Auditions, the Journey

Wow!! thank you for sharing the video!! I sent it to my boys already!!!

Isn’t it the best?! And just what these kids need to hear at that moment in time. :slightly_smiling_face:


We still have Curtis audition for trombone next week. LAST ONE!!! Yay. The audition circuit as I call it is exhausting! But we are also waiting for all the other schools…


Hi. Where can I find the running list? Thanks!

Let’s see if this works…

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I’m feeling a sense of impending closure and excitement, and I need to remember it’s not really time yet. There’s still a lot to do. We’re still waiting for financial information that we’ll probably need to appeal, and three more decisions, from stretch schools either admissions wise or $ wise. Right now, my kid is learning more about his two great options, while we wait and see what may come from the remaining schools: U Miami, Berklee, and USC.


Toured and auditioned at U Louisiana Lafayette today. Beautiful campus. Welcoming and friendly staff. Seemed like a very collaborative and supportive environment. Music building dated but that seems to be par for the course.


In Nola. Official LoyNo tour tomorrow.


Is that in the music building at the school? Or at the airport? I’m so excited!

You are asking for reconsideration of your aid awards.

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I just read that! The school uses the word appeal for FA on their forms, but the internet says definitely use reconsider.

You will follow their “appeal” process.


This is actually in our hotel. But I thought it was a good way to decorate!

We listened to jazz in the park while eating our beignets this morning. Very New Orleans of us.


I was thinking of your son today, because mine is waiting on his Berklee decision, and I wonder how long it takes. Then I read this post and can relate, because my kid’s list has narrowed down significantly, and there were several he did not need to do in retrospect.

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Does anyone know how long Berklee takes to decide?

Kid had a great audition (virtual, went very well), and while it would take a large scholarship for us, it will be nice to hear from them and know for sure. It was the first school S ever heard about when we started this journey (two of his teachers are alumni), and he applied so long ago.

S applied EA to three schools back in October, and two of them are going to be among the last he’ll hear from. Berklee had to be rescheduled three times because of his dad’s health, and Miami deferred him.

I think it is March 15. Mine auditioned in Nov (12th I think)…was told Jan 31 for early action and heard back 12/15. A couple of his friends did regular admissions and were told 3/15

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Cool! S could hear from two or three of his remaining schools in the next few days. :smiley: He’s leaving for a road trip with his ridiculous band of friends in a week. It would be nice to have some decisions in by then, no matter what the decisions may be.

The wait is hard! Mine is getting impatient bc some of his UNT camp friends are down to UNT vs Manhattan School of Music and they are April 1!!! He wants to pick a roommate for UNT but none of them are (or can be) decided yet!

Why do we use a different word than they do? I had not come across this in my research.

April 1st!! :outrage: :frustration: In the meantime, he can order a hoodie and talk to some current students, watch videos, etc. :heart: