Class of 2027 Undergrad/Class of 2025 Grad: The Tours, the Auditions, the Journey

Waiting for my son to get out of track practice!!!

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My daughter got into the MADE/CAM at Miami. So excited for her! Not sure she’ll go there but proud she put herself out there. She only started singing/playing originals in front of people in May of last year.


Congratulations to her!

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My trombonist was accepted to DePaul Wednesday (no financial info yet) and Eastman today (with a hefty scholarship but still bananas price tag). Didn’t make it past Curtis first round live audition.


Definitely noticing the price difference between music programs for my daughter and MechE programs with my son.

Second music school scholarship came in today from UMD! It’s about 70% of full tuition and renewable! Very happy parents and kid! Tomorrow Oberlin comes out!


In what way? Just curious, I have a STEM college student too (though he does music in college also). And I have a straight music kid applying right now.

Wow amazing! Congratulations! :partying_face:

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Colby waitlist, Williams no though after sample lesson prof claimed to be writing to put son on a list. Lowest admit rate ever (4%). :(. They have a huge music department for a small school. :frowning:

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Almost all the schools my son applied to met need and merit wasn’t as big of a part of the financial picture. Not all the schools my daughter applied to meet need so the merit and scholarships become a bigger deal.


Congratulations! What did she think of Frost? My son also got into the MADE program - he loved Frost when he visited and is heading back to ASD next weekend, so we’ll see what he thinks second time around!

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She didn’t think she’d like it because she pictured herself on the east coast but we both really liked it. She said she could see herself there. Congrats to your son!


Thanks! I was ready not to like it at all, but actually really liked it when we went for the audition. so it just goes to show how important it is to visit these schools! He just got notice of merit from Frost so it is now top choice for him (and u$, :rofl:)


Question - did you hear from Curtis recently? My daughter (voice) hasn’t heard from them and I haven’t seen where anyone else has until you.

Congrats on the acceptances! Nice to have some options!!

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S got accepted to Miami!!! :tada:

Hearts half thrilled, half broken. He seems very proud of his achievement. We all are so excited and I’m blown away by how he jumped into this and made it happen.

However, they say they meet every admitted student’s full need, but the offer they’ve given us doesn’t seem to consider our need at all. There’s nothing about need mentioned.

The resulting cost is a significant portion of our annual income. So much so that we’re thinking maybe I filled out the CSS wrong. (Y’all might remember I asked for accommodations due to illness…we filled out our CSS from my husband’s sickbed. We were a week late.)

I’ll inquire, because I really may have done something wrong.

It’s been his number one school since day 1. We are so proud he got in. :heart: :heart: :heart: I’ve been impressed with all our kids on this board more and more every day. We are celebrating his hard work and talent for sure.


Money didn’t come through for LoyNo. Its an amazing school but not sure about the cost. This is so hard.

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Congratulations to everyone for the acceptances coming in. I’ll update the list tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congrats!! That’s so bittersweet.

Not sure if you know this so excuse me if you do but you could appeal the offer and provide details that weren’t available to the school to consider.

We did that with my eldest son, Secured Systems major, and the most selective school he got into (off the waitlist nonetheless so that tells you something) but they matched the best offer he had gotten from a neighboring school in the same State!

We couldn’t believe it but later learned that a lot of schools, especially private ones like UM, actually have applications and forms for students who are appealing. They only give it to you or tell you where to find the forms if you ask. And I think they apportion funds for appeals.

Of course, they don’t advertise as much but it’s worth the try and we wouldn’t have gotten our appeal granted had we not known and tried.

edited to add: I think this strategy only applies to private institutions bc State schools usually have more protocol and less leeway and flexibility.


Flute performance and Sociology

Congratulations to all the kids and parents! And best wishes on the remaining schools and of course the decision.
My son is a pianist and has received admits from UCLA, UCI, UNC, UWisc, UWash, Illinois and Indiana. Rejects from Michigan and Northwestern.



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