Classes and changing major

I’m a freshman planning to switch major this Winter Quarter. Biochem to Business. I was wondering if I should sign up for Business classes -they’re filling up fast and waitlist are already long- or wait until I get approved an ICMA? I’m going in to speak with an advisor once school starts but I wanted to hear from other people beforehand.

Btw, I got a 3.1 for fall quarter because I didn’t do too hot in Chem 124. I didn’t enjoy the class at all and would like to switch out of Biochem asap. But with the GPA that I have, would I be eligible to start an ICMA bc Business is so impacted? Anyone have any luck switching into Business?

IF there are any classes that would be applicable to BOTH, they’d be the safest bets to grab before you meet with your advisor. I’d schedule that meeting ASAP. You may even want to email them now. They might respond over break.

In the meantime, this’ll get you started: