<p>so do incoming Freshman get their 1st quarter classes assigned to them, or do we get to choose them? Also, are they mostly GE's or are they a mixed batch of GE's and major courses? Thanks!</p>

<p>From what I understand you will be assigned about 13 units. These will be a mix of major and GE. I think you can look at your major's flow chart and see what classes you are likely to get.</p>

<p>My question is what is a good amount of units for a freshman in Engineering? How much would be doable considering there will be so many new things happening?</p>

<p>The Cal Poly School of Engineering website has information regarding academic expectations.</p>

<p>College</a> of Engineering - Academic/Administrative Probation</p>

<p>If you are bringing in any AP Honors credits it can relieve the stress of having to take a full load in the beginning.</p>

<p>You will probably be assigned 3-4 classes and typically an introductory seminar in your major (1 credit, P/F). These will be a combination of classes required for your major and GE classes. Having AP credit definitely helps with the GE requirements.</p>